Kids Art Camp!

Step-by-step acrylic painting tutorials for kids!

Inside The Social Easel Kids Art Camp, have so much fun learning 6 NEW designs. Christie will share all her best painting tips and techniques for kids plus so much more!

With Lifetime Access you can pause, rewind, and paint at your own pace. 

Painting Tutorials For Kids


These acrylic painting tutorials, designed just for kids, are simple, fun, and perfect for anyone out there looking for something fun and creative to do!  Here at The Social Easel Online Paint Studio we have many options to choose from, CHECK ‘EM OUT!

Activities for Kids

How to make Puffy Sidewalk Paint flower The Social Easel

How to make Puffy Sidewalk Paint!

Now that the kids are home for good since school has been canceled for the year, we are always trying to come up with new fun things to do. Especially creative ones! This activity was from a Pinterest post that I shared on my Facebook page a few weeks ago about how to make puffy sidewalk paint and we wanted to try it out! 

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Quick and Easy Calzones on a cookie sheet

Family Night Quick and Easy Calzones

With all the changes in the world right now things are definitely a little crazy but we are enjoying our time spent together as a family and always looking for an easy dinner and fun family night. Our family has loved these quick and easy calzones for the last few months!

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Enjoying Art At All Ages!

It is SO important for art to be a part of all children’s’ lives!  I have taught kids classes locally for over 5 years and now I am bringing it online! I am so excited to take your children on this journey through art and creating!

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