Love Birds Painting Tutorial For Kids

Today I have a super adorable Love Birds painting tutorial for kids to share with you all, but truly all ages will enjoy this lesson! You don’t have to be a kid to do any of my “kid” lessons. You can enjoy all types of art at any age. This one is fun because the whimsical style makes it easier for all to let loose with color choice and adding all the extra details.

The sky is the limit when painting my signature birdies. 

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This lesson is special because my daughter joined me! If you are painting with children, the most important thing to remember is to let them have fun and enjoy the process!

Reassure them that its ok to make a mistake. We all make mistakes! But, you can fix almost anything when creating with acrylic paint. All you have to do is let it dry and paint over it. If kids know this, they are more open while painting because they aren’t afraid to do something “wrong.”

You can also do a little 10-minute practice session in a mixed media pad to help familiarize their little hands with the brushes before jumping right into a full painting idea.

Painting Love Birds for Kids - The Social Easel

I like to have a few extras when painting with kids too. It’s fun to have a little glitter and metallic paints available to add pizazz. Kids love all things extra, and you know I can’t resist. 

There is one basic rule when painting with acrylic paint that you may find helpful when just starting out or helping someone else learn how to paint. 

Always use dry brushes. When acrylic painting, don’t add water to the paint or brushes. You don’t want to thin out the paint. Unless you are going for my watercolor with acrylics painting technique, make sure to squeeze your brush with a paper towel after rinsing between colors. 

I have a whole blog full of tips for painting with kids here. 

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How to Paint Love Birds

I wanted to keep the supplies for this Love Birds tutorial pretty simple. All you need is a few of your favorite paint colors, a mixed media pad or a canvas, a small round brush, a large flat brush, and a sharpie.

Materials Mentioned

Paint a Simple Background

To paint the background, I used two colors on a large flat brush. I don’t like using just one solid color. Dip into any chosen color and white at the same time, and as you paint the background, you will get some shade variation that will create some interest.

Using light and dark shades of the same color would look cool too.

When loading your brush, make sure you have enough paint on your bristles. You want enough that it glides easily and fills all the texture of your painting surface, but not so much that it’s falling off the brush and gloppy.

Love Birds Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Kids - The Social Easel

So, load that brush up, and just make crazy big brush strokes all over the canvas to cover the whole surface. 

If your paint is a little transparent, you can apply a thin second coat after the first layer dries. 

Let the background dry entirely before moving on to the next step. 

Paint the Tree Branches

Before we can paint the whimsical little birdies, we need a few branches for them to perch on. I have two in my painting.

To paint the branches, I use a small round brush and a light hand. On the lower half of the canvas, start on one side and pull the brush towards the center with a little bit of curving. Just make sure there is one spot that is flat enough for a bird to stand on.

Then do the same thing coming from the opposite side of the canvas but in the top half.

Adorable Pink Love Birds Painting - The Social Easel

Once you have the two branches placed, go back over them to add a little more thickness that tapers in at the end.

To paint the little twigs coming off the branch, start in the center of the branch and then V out from there. You don’t want those poking straight out.

Mix a few colors into the branches and use a little white for highlight. If you feel like you are struggling to get points on the ends of your branches, don’t worry, there will be leaves there so you won’t even notice

Pink Singing Love Birds Acrylic Painting Tutorial - The Social Easel

Now it’s time to paint the leaves. They are just a simple almond shape that I paint like closed parentheses. 

I like to start painting at the top and then work my way down to avoid dragging my wrist over an area that I have already painted.

Once you have your shapes, you can fill them in. 

Now we have our leaves on, go back with just a little bit of pale yellow with green, and brush over the centers of the leaves. You will see the difference this simple extra step will make. It’s not necessary but makes a difference.

Love Birds Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Kids - The Social Easel (1)

Paint the Love Birds

Now that we have set the scene, we can put those whimsical love birds on there.

I recommend practicing the shape of the birds in a mixed media pad first. I have a couple of fun little shapes I like to use for my birdies.

How to Paint Birds for Kids The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

The bird I have flying is a simple sideways teardrop shape. Then, I painted a little heart for the tail feathers. It kinda looks like how we used to do fish when we were little!

The second bird is a little more oddly shaped, but it’s easy to do if you break it down into two shapes. Start with a tall oval and then attach a wedge that curves up at the end for the tail. Then add another cute little heart for the tail feathers.

How to Paint Love Birds The Social Easel

I didn’t leave myself a lot of space for my little bluebird, so she is a dainty lady flying near my top branch. After painting her blue, I mixed a little bit of purple to shade her underbelly and tail a little bit. After that dries, I painted an almond-shaped pink wing. 

While you wait, jump to your other bird that is perched on the lower branch. This one is a little larger and singing a love song.

Paint the oval first, hovering over the branch to make space to paint the little legs, and then add the tail and heart-shaped tail feather. The shape kind of looks like a cornucopia.

Bling and Pink Love Birds Acrylic Painting Tutorial - The Social Easel

I painted this bird magenta with a little bit of purple shading and decided to make the wing a heart. 

It is fun to play with all the different shapes and colors that come together to make such a whimsical painting! 

Add All Those Extra Finishing Details

Now, it’s time to really make it your own! 

In the sky surrounding the birds, I painted little irregular spots using magenta and white. These spots are really random. Don’t overthink it. Just move around kind of fast, so it doesn’t look planned. 

How to Paint Whimsical Love Birds for Kids - The Social Easel

Then add little hearts in the sky. I used turquoise and just had a couple at the top and bottom.

Both birds get little coral and yellow beaks, and once everything is super dry, I use a sharpie to draw simple half-circle eyes with lashes. 

The pink bird gets tiny sing-song hearts and thin legs.

I highly recommend these detail brushes if you need a smaller brush for these more delicate things. You could even use paint markers.

Singing Love Birds Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Kids - The Social Easel

As my finishing touch, I always like to do little outlines of white. They just make all the shapes stand out a little more. It doesn’t need to be a solid outline. Just quick little wispies here and there. You can also use a paint marker for this part.

Watch The Complete Love Birds Painting Tutorial for Kids with Christie and Emma!

When you are painting with kids, let them direct the creativity. Adults seem trained to do things exactly a certain way, but kids don’t care. Let them have fun picking out the colors and have a conversation about what they want their painting to be. 

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Love Birds Acrylic Painting Tutorial - The Social Easel

One of the main reasons I create tutorials with kids in mind is to help them turn things off and get messy! There are lots of things in the world that cause us struggles. Art is healing for all ages. 

I hope you get a chance to get lost in painting and focus on things that make you and your family happy.

Painting Love Birds - The Social Easel