Finger Painting Funky Flowers

Yep, you read that right… We are finger painting funky flowers today! If you haven’t fingerpainted before (it doesn’t count if you were a child), I think it is just a good exercise for your brain to get loose a little and let go of some stress.  


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Funky Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

During my last online paint party, we got a little messy using similar techniques to add a different texture in the layers of the Funky Summer Flowers. Finger painting creates a soft mottled look that I really liked. So, I thought it would be fun to finger paint funky flowers in this quick lesson.

Funky Spring Flowers Painting Tutorial


Similar to my other acrylic painting tutorials, it is all about the layers and letting go of perfection while creating. 

There is no right or wrong! This is a little experiment, all for fun!

Besides the base of the background and a few finer details, try to use your fingers to paint through this whole painting. 

Sketch a Basic Outline

First, I like to map out a simple composition with a quick sketch. I drew three loose circles in various sizes with a few simple leaves poking out. That’s it. 

This outline just provides you with your visual idea before you get started and to help keep your composition since we are getting messing here. 

Paint the Base Color of the Background

Then, with a brush and some black paint, outline and fill in around the sketch. The black background really makes the colors pop off the canvas. 

Finger painting with The Social Easel

Grab a bold color or two and rub it into the black in a few areas with your finger. I chose purple and violet. When everything is dry, these pops of color in the dark background will catch the light.

Start Fingerpainting the Funky Flowers

Next, lay the first layers of acrylic paint in your funky flowers. I start by filling in the leaves. 

You know I can’t just use one color and love how the teal and mint colors look layered and barely blended together. 

Messy Hand  The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I chose three colors for the flowers and varied the quantities in each bloom to make them different but complimenting. I used cherry red mixed swirled with a bit of purple for my largest flower. The small one is periwinkle with purple, and the third is mostly purple with a few swirls of periwinkle. All get a black center. 

Finger Painting Funky Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

It may look like a hot mess with just the first layers of paint down, but keep going. You will love how it turns out in the end!

Add More Layers and Texture

When the first layers of background paint are dry, add another layer of colors and texture. You can keep your background as dark or bright as you want. I went with a vibrant blend of mint, teal, and periwinkle applied with no rhyme or reason while using your fingers to pull the paint around.

Let loose and finger paint funky flowers The Social Easel

When the paint is still wet, use the back of a paintbrush to scribble in some texture! We are breaking traditional rules of panting and just letting loose!

Press into the wet paint and create those grooves to show the back coming through. 

Scribbling on the background of funky flowers The Social Easel

Dig in where the paint is still wet in the funky flowers too. As it dries and we add more, the paint will catch those grooves and create more texture.

Highlights on Finger Painting Funky Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Then when the flowers are dry, add a little contrast to your blooms with more layers of paint. I created a little extra dimension by making shadows and highlights in my flowers. Learn more about shadows and highlights in acrylic painting HERE.

Finger Painting Funky Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio (1)

Final Details

Once you have fingerpainted all those colorful layers of paint on your funky flowers, you can use a brush to finesse the details. I like to sharpen the back outline that is remaining around the flowers.

Have fun Finger Painting Funky Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I also painted a wonky little checkered frame! First, I painted black around all the sides. Then with a small 1\2″ flat brush, I paint the white stripes on. 

Watch Christie’s Full Finger Painting Funky Flowers Video Tutorial

How many of you have fingerpainted before? Will you try this out?? 

Love these Funky Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Don’t be afraid to get messy, scribble a little, get loose and have fun! You never know what you are going to create.

Visit my FB painting community and share what you make! We would all love to see.