Abstract Chevron Painting Technique for Beginners

This week, I am sharing something a little different than my typical painting style -an abstract painting lesson that is good for all ages. So if you have kids or are an adult looking to try a new painting style, this abstract chevron painting technique is for you.

The good thing about abstracts is that they don’t have to turn out in any particular way. Anyone can do this as long as you don’t overthink it too much 🙂

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Abstract Chevron Painting The Social Easel

You also don’t need a ton of supplies to complete this painting! A canvas, craft paint, and an inexpensive brush set are all you need.

Materials Mentioned

When I paint abstracts, I like using squares instead of rectangles. It is just my personal preference because they group together really nicely if you do more than one and make a great addition to gallery walls too. 

Abstract Chevron Painting staged in kids room The Social Easel

Abstract Painting Technique for Beginners

In this lesson, I used the same brush technique over the whole painting. The key is to lift your brush off the surface of your canvas with every short stroke to create lots of brush marks for all that texture. 

It’s okay to drag your brush a little, especially to get a few blends of colors where they meet each other. But the goal is to have multiple short strokes with lots of jagged endpoints that combine into a chevron form.  

Don't over blend, just dab How to paint Abstract Chevron The Social Easel

The shape of the chevron stripes will be abstract too. You get the idea with the zig-zags, but they are not equally spaced. There are no perfect lines in this painting.

Selecting Colors

I used a variety of blue paint colors for the majority of my abstract chevron painting. Then used accents of coral pinks, and of course, a little gold too. Because my eye naturally is drawn to these, they happen to also be used in my home. Even my door is painted a vibrant teal. I can’t help that it’s my go-to color 🙂

F Abstract Chevron Painting Technique for Beginners The Social Easel (1)

If you plan on displaying your artwork, use whatever color scheme you decorate your home with. Or- just select a few that are speaking to you, and then fill in with a few to compliment. 

When making your selection, choose a few shades of the same colors to use for the foundation of your painting. i.e., teal, cobalt, light blue, and navy

Then select a few contrasting colors that compliment each other. i.e., coral, plum, hot pink, and gold

Supplies Abstract Chevron Painting Technique for Beginners The Social Easel

I know that coral and blue will look great together because they are on opposite ends of the color wheel. 

If you want to learn more about color theory, I recommend having an artist’s color wheel like this one. 

Paint a Basecoat

To begin, cover the whole canvas in a quick coat of your favorite color. I chose Caribean Blue from Apple Barrel. Fill the entire thing using broad strokes and a large flat brush. 

It does not need to be opaque coverage.

How to Paint Abstract Chevron

Next, layout the shape of the chevron lines with a second color. I used cobalt blue and dabbed my brush on the canvas to make multiple marks that come together to create the desired shape. 

Just work your way down the canvas to around halfway, and then work your way back up again in triangular shapes. Some of the points are shorter, and others extend longer.

Blue base abstract Chevron The Social Easel

Then, using the same brush technique, create the second chevron stripe in the bottom half of the canvas. Mine chevron stripes don’t nest into each other perfectly. 

Once you have the basic idea down, dip into another color and follow the chevron just above/below the line. A bit of over overlapping is good too. I used navy this time.  

Abstract Chevron Painting Technique for Beginners The Social Easel (2)

After that, I used light periwinkle blue to fill in the triangle shapes that were created by the chevron lines near the top and the bottom of the canvas. With this step, I blended into the other colors a touch for a little color variance but still maintained all the brush marks. 

If you lose some jaggedness as you go, don’t be afraid to just dip back into the desired color and apply more to make it more prominent. 

FolkArt Pure Golf Acrylic Paint How to Paint Abstract Chevron The Social Easel

Add Accent Colors

Once all of my blues are painted, I have a solid foundation to then layer in bits of brighter colors. 

I used Plum, Watermellon Slice, Hot Pink, and metallic gold as my accents and switched to a medium round brush for more control. 

Add Accent Colors How to paint Chevron for Beginners The Social Easel

Layer in more short paint strokes with your accent colors, but this time use a lighter hand to place it here and there. Now that you have a lot of wet paint on your canvas, use caution to not over blend. Just dab where ever you want a pop. 

Complete Abstract Chevron Painting Technique for Beginners The Social Easel

Watch Christie’s Full Abstract Chevron Painting Tutorial

This lesson would be a fun one to paint with kids because it’s so easy to customize. Don’t feel limited to chevron. You could use this simple painting technique with any shape.

Everyone could choose their own unique shape and colors. Just get your basic idea down first, and then go from there. 

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The Live portion of our Kids Art Camp is over, but you can still enjoy all the lessons! Take your time and paint one a week, or binge them like Netflix!

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Have fun and experiment with all the ways you can use this abstract painting technique. If you get done and don’t like it, let it dry and paint something else on top of it.

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