Haunted House for Kids

Who is looking for a fun Halloween project to do? ?‍♀️ Anyone will enjoy themselves painting this haunted house, not just kids.

I wanted to share this easy kids painting tutorial I did a few years ago because I think we are all looking for fun ideas to do for Halloween! No matter your current schooling situation, I have no doubt that we all need a little more time in art class!

This haunted house kids painting tutorial is a great art lesson for artists of all levels to let loose and get creative!

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Kids Haunted House Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Paint Studio (1)

I love painting haunted houses because they are quick and easy to customize with your favorite spooky things.

I have taught this painting tutorial a few times at in-person paint parties, and it’s always fun for everyone involved. This tutorial will show you some great ideas so you can create your own too!

Below is a haunted house painting I have done with a little bit more detail like lunar highlights and bats. 

Haunted house the social easel

But, today’s haunted house tutorial is just a quick video I thought would be fun for you guys to follow along and do with your kids for Halloween.

Begin with the background

So many different backgrounds would work behind this spooky haunted house. I am doing a simple color blended sky similar to the one in my blog full of tips for painting with kids HERE.

The top of the sky is a vibrant purple than blends into orange. This doesn’t need to be a perfectly smooth blend. I like to see some orange in the purple.

Kids Haunted House Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Paint Studio3

Adding in some wispy purple clouds, using the cloudy sky painting techniques in THIS blog, would also look so good!

At the bottom of your painting surface, add a black ground, about an inch and a half tall.

Painting the Haunted House

This is an old haunted house that isn’t standing straight. You can make it any shape you like! For the sides, as I pull my uneven lines down, they get closer together.

Then I paint an arch outline for the doorway and a slanted roof.

Don’t fill the house in just yet, add your arched windows first! Sometimes this can look like a face ? I add a little circle window above the door that acts as the nose. How fun is that?!

Kids Haunted House Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Paint Studio4

On top of the roof, we want a second level…like a haunted tower. It’s narrow and tall with a funky chimney. Make sure to add a window or two to your tower.

I just love all the different angles in this crazy little haunted house painting.

Once you are happy with everything’s shape, you can start filling in the haunted house around the door and all those windows.

The shape of the haunted house is very fun and simple. Do you see why I love this? There are no perfectly straight lines!

Create an haunting scene

Now we need to set the scene for this creepy little haunted house to sit in.

I paint a simple black cat perched on a wobbly fence outside. I think the turning point for me, that really makes this house look old and haunted, is a rooftop fence.

You can add birds in the sky, bats, spiders in the doorway, pumpkins, an owl in an old tree…let your imagination run! You can choose anything you want to add that Halloween character.

Kids Haunted House Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Paint Studio2

Moon and Stars

To finish this painting, let’s add a moon and stars. I have an easy way to paint a moon that will take a simple circle to the next level.

With a mixture of white and pale yellow paint, make a full circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Then with very little pressure, go around the center will picking your brush up and down. Keep rotating around with very soft stokes until your full moon is the size you want.

Using two paint colors on my brush at the same time adds a lot of texture to the moon.

Then, use the end of your brush handle, dipped into the mixture of yellow and white paint to put a few stars in the sky.

Haunted House The Social Easel 1

Watch the Easy Haunted House kids painting tutorial

This is an older video shot in portrait mode…like all videos back then. But, I think it’s still too good of a Halloween project not to share! I walk you step by step though how to achieve this spooky haunted house painting for kids. 

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I think your kids will love to do this! My haunted house is one of our most loved Halloween paintings yet. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Stay Creative,