Birdhouses and the Best Outdoor Craft Paint!

I come from a creative family! My mom is an artist and my dad is a craftsman!  I grew up in a creative environment and I think it’s so vitally important to kids!  You can learn so much by creating and problem-solving! My brother and my dad build things and my mom and I made things pretty. I thank her for my love of art and starting me early on my creative path!

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Fast forward to today. A few months ago my dad started building bird houses and I was dying to have one. I finally got my birdhouse last month! He built me this awesome birdhouse village for our backyard and this week I got to sit down with the girls to start painting it! I wanted to do fun and bright colors and I wanted them to be a part of it with me!  We each picked a house from the village to start painting. 

It was so fun to see their creative juices flowing and trying to decide what they wanted to add on their birdhouse and what colors they wanted to use.
So, let’s talk about the paint! I am always asked what the best paint is to use for outdoor projects on wood and metal. This paint by Deco Art is amazing for both and can also be used on pots and bricks as well!

This is the same paint we used back in November when I did a live event teaching flowers on a galvanized metal bucket.

The Best Outdoor Craft Paint
The deco art American Decor outdoor living paint comes in a variety of colors! However, I very rarely find myself not doing a little color mixing. I wanted the peachy color for by birdhouse to have a little more pink in it. I used the outdoor living paint as my base and then used regular deco art craft paint to tint the color a little bit.  That way it still has the protective finish in the outdoor paint.
If you want to see me do some of the detail work on one of the birdhouses be sure to check out my Facebook live below.

Painting Birdhouses
with the Best Outdoor Craft Paint!

I hope that gives you some ideas and inspires you to find something to paint on outdoors! 
Stay creative and happy painting! 

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