Birdhouses and the Best Outdoor Craft Paint!

Painting wood birdhouses is the perfect project to do with your kids. Choose the best outdoor craft paint for your project.

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Girls Painting Wooded Birdhouses at the kitchen table The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Painting birdhouses with kids makes for a perfect family painting project.

I can’t remember a time when painting and creating art wasn’t a huge part of my life. My mom is an artist and my dad is a craftsman. Growing up in a creative environment shaped me into the artist, person, and mom I am. 

In our family, my brother and my dad built things and my mom and I made things pretty! I thank my mom for my love of art and for starting me early on my creative path. 

Encouraging kids’ creativity is so vitally important. Building and creating art teach problem-solving, perseverance, and so much more. 

Painting Bird Houses with Colorful Outdoor Living Art Deco Paint The Social Easel Online Paint Studio (1)
Colorful Painted Bird Houses The Social Easel Online Paint Studio (1)

On this Father’s Day, I thank my dad for all he did for our family, including showing me what it was to create something beautiful and functional from raw materials. 

Thankfully, some things don’t change. My dad still loves to build things and I still love to make them pretty. Now it’s even more special because my three daughters paint with me.

Materials Mentioned

Painting a village of birdhouses. 

A few years ago, my dad started building birdhouses. They were beautifully made and my imagination went wild picturing the different designs and motifs I would use to decorate them. My sweet dad built me this awesome birdhouse village for our backyard and it was the perfect project to work on with my three girls. 

Girl Painting Colorful wooden Birdhouses The Social Easel Online Paint Studio
Happy Girls Painting Bird Houses The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I had so much fun painting birdhouses with my kids! We knew we wanted to use fun, bright colors. We each chose a birdhouse from the village and got to work. 

It was so fun to watch them tap into their imaginations and really get creative. And it was extra special watching them paint birdhouses my dad made for us.

DecoArt Outdoor Craft Paint stacked on a  table with painting supplies

Choosing the right craft paint for outside. 

Wondering what paint to use on birdhouses? Since we knew we were decorating beautiful homes for the birds who visit our backyard, we needed to choose the best outdoor craft paint. This paint by Deco Art works amazingly well on metal and wood. It’s great on pots and bricks and I’ve even used it to paint these adorable flowers on a galvanized metal bucket.

Blending outdoor craft paint to achieve the perfect shade. 

Deco Art Americana Decor outdoor living paint comes in a variety of colors. But if you’re like me, you often find yourself doing a little color mixing to get the “perfect” shade. 

I wanted the peachy color for my birdhouse to have a little more pink in it. My solution? I used the outdoor living paint as my base and then used regular Deco Art craft paint to tint the color a little bit. The result was the perfect shade of paint that still had the protective finish of the outdoor craft paint.

mixing the perfect peachy pink paint color

Watch me paint birdhouses using the best outdoor craft paint! 

To watch me paint some of the detail work on one of the wood birdhouses, check out my Facebook Live below.

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Summer is the perfect time to spend together getting messy, being creative, and taking your painting projects outdoors.  

Birdhouses painted all colors outside on the porch table Outdoor Craft paint DIY Birdhouses The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I hope this inspires you to get creative and paint with your kids or grandkids. I have so many special memories of creating and painting with my parents and LOVE making those same memories with my girls. 

Stay creative and happy painting!

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colorful painted birdhouses in the Yard
small flowers painted on a pink and blue birdhouse
Outdoor Craft paint DIY Birdhouses
Repainting the birdhouses a few years later