The Social Easel Exclusive Paint Brush and Palette Knife Sets

My new paint brushes and palette knives are a dream come true. 

I’m so excited to introduce you to something I’ve dreamed about and worked on for a long time! When I started teaching painting online and welcoming people to my memberships, The Painting of the Month Club and Christie’s Inner Tribe, I knew one day I wanted to design my own line of paint brush and palette knife sets. 

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I also knew that before I introduced products to you – products with The Social Easel on them – they had to be exactly right. It turns out exactly right takes longer than I thought. 

Just like I always tell you to follow the process and be patient with yourself and with your paintings, I had to do the same thing. Designing the products and the packaging and then getting the manufacturer to understand my vision was a process. Deciding what special touches to add to make them feel special enough for all of you took patience. 

I’m so excited to introduce you to these beautiful tools! Some of the Tribe Sisters were able to get their hands on them early and they’ve already been sharing pictures and posts of them with their brushes and palette knives. Seeing how much they love them makes all the time and effort so worth it! 

I hope you love them, too! 

Paint brushes and palette knives, The Social Easel style. 

You know me well enough to know that anything I designed wasn’t going to be plain or boring! It all started with the color, which couldn’t be anything other than my very favorite color – teal. And not just any tea. The Social Easel teal. I surround myself with this gorgeous shade. It’s even the color I painted the front door of my house! 

my favorite teal on my new paint brush set

When I first saw the mock-up of the paint brushes and palette knives, I thought the color was gorgeous but they were lacking a little something to make them truly special. It turns out that something was a bit of sparkle. I truly believe we all need a little sparkle in our lives and in our art. 

Next came the packaging. I had SO MUCH FUN designing this packaging. Plain packaging was not going to work. It had to be cute and colorful and worthy of The Social Easel. It had to be something that would get all of you excited even before you got your hands on the brushes and palette knives inside. 

Brush Stokes with new Paint Brush Set

The palette knives come on a beautiful, colorful background designed and painted by me. It features all of my favorite colors and of course one of my absolute favorite things to paint – florals! 

I wanted to make sure the packaging was practical as well as pretty. When it came time to design packaging for the brushes themselves, I realized I wanted to give you something to carry them in. It’s important that you’re able to take your tools with you wherever you want to paint. So I designed this cuter than cute drawstring back that is the perfect size to fit all the paint brushes and all the palette knives, too! 

Using my new paint brush and palette knife sets

These are the tools I’ll be using in all my future Lives and tutorials. If you grab a set from my shop, you’ll have no question you’re using the right brush. 

Introducing The Social Easel paint brushes. 

The 15-piece brush set contains all the brushes you need to create any painting. 

  • Two round brushes – good for painting lines, details, flowers, and more. 
  • Four flat brushes – good for painting stripes, straight lines, and creating checkered patterns.
  • Three filbert brushes– my favorites for painting flower petals and clouds. They’re also great for blending. 
  • Two angled brushes – good for filling in, crisp lines, and painting leaves. 
  • Three liners – perfect for small details. 
  • One fan brush – great for painting fireworks, grass, and palm leaves. 
The Social Easel Acrylic Paint Brush Set

These brushes are made with wooden handles coated in durable paint in my signature teal with sparkles. Rustproof double ferrules will not loosen or allow bristles to fall out. They have top nylon synthetic bristles. I prefer synthetic bristles because they are easier to care for and last longer! 

See this blog post – Brush Care 101 – for a guide to caring for your brushes. You can grab a bottle of my favorite brush cleaner HERE – I like using this instead of just soap and water to keep my bristles at their best. 

All things Acrylic Paint Brush Care 101 The Social Easel (1)

I went Live on The Social Easel Facebook Page to introduce you to our new products and to give you a quick tutorial on brush stroke techniques for different paint brush types Watch it HERE

For even more on brush strokes, check out my blog series where I walk you through how to use each style of brush. I want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about your brushes. Understanding the types of acrylic paint brushes and how they are used is part of growing as an artist! 

testing Paint Brush and Palette Knives

The acrylic paint brush series: 

Episode 1: How to use a flat paint brush 

Episode 2: What can I use an angled paint brush for?

Episode 3: My favorite ways to use a fan brush

Episode 4: The round paint brush

Episode 5: The filbert paint brush

Meet The Social Easel palette knives. 

The five-piece palette knife set contains one each of all five standard paint knife styles. 

These knives are high-quality and were crafted with the finest stainless blades to resist all wear and corrosion from any media, including acrylics. That means you can enjoy painting with these knives for a long, long time! 

The Social Easel Palette Knife Set

People can be intimidated to try painting with palette knives. I get it. It’s a different way of creating art. But, I want you to try it because painting with palette knives allows you to create textures you can’t achieve with paint brushes alone. Also, it’s a lot of fun! 

You can use craft paint with palette knives, but you can also use thicker paint to create even more texture. I love to use my palette knives to mix paint. This is better than using brushes because you’re not loading up your brushes with paint and getting it all jammed up in there. 

Testing my new brushes and palette knives on my mixed media pad

During my Live, I showed you how I like to use each of the five palette knives. I hope you take some time to get to know your palette knives and what they can do. Just get some paint onto a disposable palette paper pad, practice on your mixed media pad, and have fun!  

Check out my new Paint Brush and Palette Knife sets in my video!

I know you’re going to love these new Paint Brush and Palette Knife sets as much as I do. It was important to me that I create products that were high-quality and beautiful. I think we achieved just that and I look forward to painting with them – and with you – for a long time to come! 

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