Brush Care 101 For Acrylic Paintbrushes

Today we are going to talk about how to take care of your acrylic paintbrushes! What to do and equally as important, what not to do. I’ll show you all the wrong things that I do, and if you’re like me and have similar bad habits, I will show you how to fix your damaged acrylic paint brushes. Follow along for my complete acrylic paintbrush care guide! 

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To begin with let’s start with proper care of your brushes. When you are done with your paint session the best thing you can do is immediately wash your used paintbrushes so that they stay in the best shape possible.

Acrylic Paint Brush Care Soap

After trying several brush cleaners, I’ve found the Masters Brush Cleaner to be my favorite! It not only cleans your brushes but it also conditions them. It’s super easy to use and store. Plus, one little jar will last forever and is essential for acrylic paintbrush care!

Acrylic Paint Brush Care

All you have to do is take your used brushes to your sink and rinse them first. Next, you want to take your damp brushes and swirl them around in the soap container until they start sudsing up. This is a hard soap and when you add water to it it creates the suds that are going to clean the bristles.

Acrylic Paint Brush Care
Acrylic Paint Brush Care

After you get soap into your brush bristles, you are going to want to clean them in your hands and then rinse well until your water runs clear. Rinsing is an important step. If you don’t get all of the soap out it’s going to harden your bristles and make them brittle. You don’t want that to happen. 

As you are rinsing, if you notice the water is still a little milky, you need to keep going. I keep running my bristles through the water until it is clear.

Acrylic Paint Brush Care

Once the water runs clear, squeeze out excess water from the bristles and lay your brushes flat to dry.  

Now, let’s say you are like me and maybe you leave your brushes in the water cup for too long. I have been guilty of doing it for several days… What can I say? It happens!

In the past, I would just get mad at myself for doing it because my brushes would end up all bent at the end of the bristles. My acrylic paintbrushes didn’t have that crisp clean point that they had before.

Then, someone shared an amazing tip with me and I’m going to share it with you! You can save all of your brushes! And it is super simple, easy, and best of all FREE!  

Here are some before pictures of my damaged acrylic paintbrushes.

6 Brush Care 101 - For Acrylic Painting The Social Easel Online paint Studio (1)

Here is the magic trick!! Are you ready?! 

Grab a small pot, boil water and dip your brushes in! That’s it! In less than 10 seconds your brushes look brand new again!

Acrylic Paint Brush Care
Acrylic Paint Brush Care

Check Out My Video Showing Just How I Fix My Damaged Acyclic Paintbrushes!

Here are my after pics! Ta-da! All better!

Acrylic Paint Brush Care
Acrylic Paint Brush Care

I hope my acrylic paintbrush care tips save you some time and money so you can keep using the brushes you have!  

Stay Creative!