How to Color Match Acrylic Paint Colors

Ever wondered what colors to mix to get a close match to that acrylic paint color you can no longer find at the craft store? Learn how to mix paint colors using a color mixing chart and the color wheel to match any color. You can also make your own custom paint colors using this method!

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When I teach painting lessons to my members of Christie’s Inner Tribe or on my Facebook page, y’all always ask which paint colors I am using. 

I always paint in my favorite colors! I want you to do the same and pick out what speaks to you at that moment.

Still, having a list of paint colors is helpful, so I do my best to share everything I use.

F Harbor Blue How to Match Acrylic Paint Colors The Social Easel

I admit, however, many paint colors have been in my stash for a while. They could be hard to find in stock or even discontinued by the manufacturer. 

First things first, if you are following a color list and you can’t find a specific one at the craft store, then find something similar on the shelf. There are SO many colors to choose from you are bound to find one that will fit your needs.

I recently started adding color swatches on the sides of my color lists to help in this situation. But with just a quick Google search, you can find examples of what you are looking for too. 

F Masters Touch Light Purple How to Match Acrylic Paint Colors The Social Easel

For example, I was teaching a class and had used Masters Touch Light Purple paint from my shelf because it spoke to me, but it wasn’t available anywhere in stores for my members to find. In the video below, you will see three colors from other paint brands that would keep the chosen color palette for the project. 

But what if you don’t have anything close, or maybe you are painting on a whim and want to make what you have in your craft supplies work?

Mix a batch to match!

F Apple green and magenta make orchid How to Match Acrylic Paint Colors The Social Easel

Materials Mentioned

Paint colors we are trying to match:

  • Masters Touch Light Purple
  • DecoArt Colonial Blue

Colors used for mixing:

Mixing up some paint to color match another might sound intimidating, but I promise it isn’t. It’s all about finding the right ratios of colors, and a lot of trial and error to get to your final result. 

Paint Color Mixing Tools

There are two tools I like to use when creating colors aside from a palette knife and a palette for mixing – a color mixing guide and an artist’s color wheel. 

I keep both within reach any time I am painting. You know I can’t use a color straight out of the bottle! I am always mixing my own and never know when I will need one of these artist tools!

color wheel is excellent for planning color schemes. It helps you practice color theory and even has a cheat sheet written on it to understand hue, tint, shade, and more!

color mixing guide is a great tool to use as a jumping-off point to eliminate the guessing game of which colors to start with to create a color. It takes the guesswork out of mixing colors!

Matching Acrylic Paint Colors

I like to start with using the color mixing chart first. Select a color anywhere on the chart that is the closest to the one you are trying to match. It’s ok if it isn’t spot on. We can make adjustments to our paint when mixing. 

Color Mixing Chart and Color Wheel The Social Easel

The chart will suggest 2 colors to use for your color matching. From there, we can adjust the tint, hue, or tone with white, gray, or black. 

Then, use the color wheel to understand a starting ratio of the colors that the color mixing chart suggests. For example, if 50% blue and 50% magenta are mixed, you will get a true purple. But if you want a rosie purple, you will want a higher ratio of magenta. 

F Magenta and green mix light purple How to Color Match Acrylic Paint Colors The Social Easel (2)

In the video below, I demonstrate how I use my artist tools to color match two acrylic paint colors. Masters Touch Light Purple and one of my favorites, DecoArt Colonial Blue. 

I needed a lot of magenta paint mixed with a bit of apple green and some white to mix Light Purple.

F Mix Harbor Blue How to Match Acrylic Paint Colors The Social Easel

The Colonial Blue was matched by mixing a vibrant blue, a rusty orange, and a lot of white.

I think I got a pretty close match!

For more tips and tricks, read my color mixing blog HERE.

Watch How To Color Match Acrylic Paint Colors Using a Color Mixing Chart and Color Wheel

The more you practice color mixing, the more you will understand how colors come together. I challenge you to choose any random color you like and try to recreate it!

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