Brush Series: Episode #2

What can I use an Angled Paint Brush for?
Flowers, Leaves and More!

If I could only choose one paint brush it would be the angled brush! It’s my all-time favorite and you can do so many things with it! 
I use it to make grass, leaves, flowers and trees! So many things! 
I’m going to break it down into four separate areas for you! 

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How I like to Use an Angled Paint Brush

First thing is doing some quick and easy grass! One of the things I love about the angled brushes you can just let the brush do the work for you! I’ll load the brush up with two different shades of green and do some quick upward motions.

The next technique that I show you in the video below is how to do leaves! These are so simple and easy with the angled brush two quick brushstrokes and you have some simple leaves to fill in with your floral paintings!  You can also use this technique to do flower petals! Works great for sunflowers!

Next up is trees! Or I should say leaves for trees! If you follow my work you will see this in several paintings! It is by far one of my favorite ways to do leaves on trees! Especially leaves that are full of colors! This technique is all about discovering the art of not blending. We want to layer these brushstrokes on top of one another to create depth and interest. 

I have two signature paintings that use this technique

First, the Fall Chapel painting – for which I have a four day challenge painting workshop coming up! It starts on September 9! You can get all the details here. This is your chance to learn how to paint this beautiful painting for only $15 but be sure to grab the link below because it’s only available for a limited time!

My other signature painting is my Truck Full of Pumpkins. I have sold this class out time and time again. It is so fun and easy to customize!

I’ll give you a little teaser… This is going to be the first painting I offer for my September tutorials  inside my Inner Tribe Membership! If you have always wanted to know how to paint this then be sure to get on the waitlist now! Doors open September 15 to new members!

And last but not least my favorite kind of messy flowers! I use this technique in tons of my paintings. Two of my newest ones are my Maggie the Cow and Petunia the Pig. Both of these come as part of joining my membership as well! As soon as you join you’ll have access to learn how to paint these paintings as well! 

Check out my Angled Brush Video!

If you liked this video and would love to continue learning how to paint, you can try my Free Winter Chapel Painting Tutorial!! In this painting we use some of these same angled paint brush techniques along with using a flat brush from for the background shown in Episode #1 and more!

I hope you enjoy the video of some of my favorite ways to use an angled brush and would love to see you start practicing some of these techniques. After you work on a few be sure to share them in our free Facebook group! This is a great place to share any of the lessons that you have learned from me!

Stay tuned for the next blog where we talk about  how to use a fan brush! 
Stay creative!! 

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