Learn How to Paint with a Membership

A Peek Inside Christie’s Inner Tribe

Learn why painting with a membership is the best way to learn how to paint online.

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Christie Hawkins holding her Autumn Road painting

There are so many ways to go about learning something new. With technology, we can learn from just about anyone just about anywhere. Learning from home – even in your pajamas – has become the norm.  Having so much knowledge at our fingertips is amazing.

But, there is a downside. So much of that learning is a one-way experience. You sit at your computer and take it in. No chance to interact with the instructor or any other students. No opportunity to receive feedback or find out if you’re “getting it.” 

Christie Hawkins teaching art lesson in front of a ring light for an online audience - learn how to paint

Technology has made learning easier and more convenient than ever before. But, it has also removed some of what makes learning something new such an enriching experience. It’s that personal interaction, the ability to make a connection with the person who is teaching you. It’s the magic that often happens when a group of people is learning together. 

When we talk about learning to paint, the same applies. There are all kinds of places you can learn how to paint online. And a wide variety of people you can learn from. But I’m sure you’ve discovered what I already knew. There is also a wide range of experiences you can have when you’re learning to paint. 

Christie Hawkins sharing a sketchbook with the steps of how to paint hydrangeas

I think there is tremendous value in learning as part of a community. It’s that belief that compelled me to create my painting membership, Christie’s Inner Tribe, to be a place where women come to learn how to paint together. Whether or not you choose to join me inside my Inner Tribe, I want to share with you some of what makes learning to paint with a membership – inside a community – such a rich experience. 

Making progress and gaining confidence.

Inside Christie’s Inner Tribe, I paint LIVE each month with the Tribe Sisters. As I teach them, I’m able to answer questions and interact with them in real-time. 

I come from a family of artists and feel so blessed that God called me to share my art and love for teaching with women who want to learn to paint or who want to get back into painting. 

I LOVE helping women discover their inner artists and watching their confidence grow. 

Room full of women painting with instructor Christie Hawkins

One of the things that makes learning anything new a satisfying experience is being able to see your progress. When I teach, I encourage my students to focus on the process, to take their time and trust themselves. Truly anyone can learn to paint when the instruction is clear and broken down into consumable pieces. 

I teach so many women how to paint who have never picked up a paintbrush. In no time, they are painting and feeling the joys of discovering a new passion. How wonderful is that?! 

Inside my painting membership, we work hard to support our members as artists and challenge them to continue to learn and grow.   

If you were able to peek inside my painting membership, Christie’s Inner Tribe, you’d see we do things a little differently: 

  • I go deeper with members on the paintings I teach. I want to give you an experience that is more like an art class you’d take at a college and not like a paint party you’d go to with friends. 
  • I take you along on my journey as I rediscover joy and playfulness in my own art and help you discover it in yours.. 
  • Our members have numerous opportunities to grow together as a community of sisters. 
Student Bonnie sitting next to her artwork

“I joined the Tribe this past April and am extremely happy with it! Painting brings so much joy to my retired life… I adore Christie’s personality and have learned so much from her.


Even more than the progress you’ll make and the confidence you’ll gain, it’s the community that truly sets us apart. That community that can’t be found in any other type of online painting instruction. 

Christie Hawkins holding her Lovebirds painting

Painting together matters.

Any membership is going to have its own identity, almost its own personality. When considering joining a painting membership, take the time to get to know what the community is all about. 

Our community of Tribe Sisters is a huge part of what makes Christie’s Inner Tribe such a safe and special place to learn to paint. Not only is it the home of some of the most amazing, supportive, loving women I know – it’s also a place where we freely share our Christian faith. 

Room full of women painting with instructor Christie Hawkins

These women share the joys, challenges, and frustrations of their lives as well as the joys, challenges, and frustrations of painting! They pray for each other, help each other through some of the hardest times we have as humans, and celebrate with each other. We’ve had Tribe Sisters share their journeys through serious health challenges and losing family members. I am so proud of the way our Tribe Sisters show up for each other in all ways. 

Laurie holding 3 paintings

“Joining Inner Tribe is the best decision I made in 2021! I have learned so much from Christie and regained my joy for painting. These ladies are the most encouraging people on the planet!”


When you want to learn how to paint or want to grow as an artist, why should you join a painting community like mine? Does it really make a difference? 

Christie Hawkins teaching art lesson in front of a ring light for an online audience - learn how to paint

My short answer is, “Yes! 100 times yes!” And I say that not just because it’s my community and I’m incredibly proud of it. I say that because I believe deep in my soul that learning together and connecting with each other makes all the difference.