Color Mixing and Mini Pumpkins!

Today we are going to talk all about paint color mixing!  So many people want to know the exact colors I use in my paintings! The truth is I do have several favorites that are store-bought but more often than not I am mixing my own colors!

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Color Mixing and Mini Pumpkins

This is something that I really encourage my tribe sisters to work on in our membership! They have done such a good job and it’s really getting them out of their comfort zone! They are seeing the freedom and making their own colors and love the variety that they get! This really helps your paintings stand out and become original!

So, there are a few things that you are going to want to have when you start color mixing. 

Materials Mentioned

Before I show you the video I want to show you some examples of the work being done inside my tribe! I love seeing all the colors that these ladies have mixed together!

This is what the color mixing guide looks like! 

Color Mixing Guide

The color is listed on the color mixing guide are from artist-grade paint but what are use is craft paint. The easiest way to help figure it out is to just hold your paint color up to the color mixing guide to find a color similar. 

Examples of Tribe Member Color Mixing Guides

Color Mixing Guide
Paint Color Mixing Guide
Color Mixing Guide

I just finished my Pumpkin Pallet Workshop and one of the colors that I used in my original was called Spiced Carrot by Apple Barrel. Apparently, they have now discontinued that color so I decided to do a live video over on my Facebook page to show people that just because you don’t have the exact color doesn’t mean you can’t make one almost identical to it!

In this video, I am going to show you how to mix several different variations of orange that you can use in your fall paintings! We all love pumpkins right?

Well after I show you color mixing I’m going to show you how to do some simple rustic palette knife pumpkins! All kinds of goodness for you to practice at home!

Watch as I Mix Paint Colors for my
Cute Mini Pumpkins

I can’t wait to see all the colors that you mix! Be sure to post them in our free Facebook group!

If you want to paint some more pumpkins, check out this blog where I teach you how to paint an adorable pumpkin with buffalo plaid and flowers!

For more color mixing tips, read my blog about color mixing acrylic paints.

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Color Mixing

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