Whimsical Tree Painting for Beginners

When I very first started my paint party business, I sat in my kitchen and came up with this Whimsical Tree design. I wanted a simple tutorial because I was nervous about how it would go. I wasn’t confident in myself. I wasn’t sure if I could teach people to paint.

It was SO FUN! I ended up teaching this painting so many times and think this is the perfect tutorial for all!

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How to Paint Whimsical Tree Beginners Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Painting Studio

This easy Whimsical Tree painting is perfect for building confidence in a beginning painter, colorful enough to captivate a child, and an excellent opportunity for an expert painter to customize and make their own.

Materials Mentioned

One tip I have before we jump into the tutorial is to let your paint dry between each step. For all those whimsical colors to jump off the page, we don’t really want any color blending in our tree… just the background.

How to Paint Whimsical Tree Beginners Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Painting Studio Mixed Media Pad

A Simple Sunset Background

To begin, blend a quick sunset background for the whimsical tree. I first use a lavender paint on the very bottom and then transition from the lavender to hot pink, making sure to overlap the two colors for a smooth color blend.

Before using our coral paint, wash off our brush because there is a possibility that the lavender paint is still in your brush. If you try to mix cool colors with warm, like coral, you run the risk of creating a muddy color. You don’t want brown in your sunset.

Now, blend the pink into the coral and, lastly, yellow to complete the background.
Make sure you move quickly when blending your colors so the two colors next to each other blend well. A real sunset varies in colors, so we do not want to have obvious straight lines. You can read all my Basics For Blending Acrylic Paint For Beginners HERE.

Close Up How to Paint Whimsical Tree Beginners Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Painting Studio

Whimsical Tree Trunk and Branches

To create the whimsical tree, use a round brush with black paint. This tree is blowing in the wind. Start from the bottom of the page and work your way up kind of into a hook. Keep plenty of paint on our brush when we do something like this so there isn’t skipping.

When painting a tree trunk, you want to thicken it up by painting right up against the line that you already created until your desired width. This will prevent you from making your line thicker than you want. Make the base of the trunk fuller, and tapper to a thinner line at the top.

To finish up our tree, add a couple of branches. When making your branches, there are two things to remember. One, paint the beginning of the branch that is attached to the tree to look like a “V.” Two, start painting your stroke inside the tree’s trunk and pull it up and out into that “V” shape.

Colorful Circles

Make sure your black paint is completely dry before this step. Start by adding circles all around the tree branches. I start in the middle and just swirl around to form my circles with a #2 Round Brush. The great thing about this painting is you can use any colors you want! I use the same colors that I used in the sunset plus a pop of teal and white.

Paint circles to overlap the branches to create depth in your painting. Pay attention to your colors’ placement against the background, so you have a pretty contrast in your composition.

Circle Whimsical Tree Easy Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Accents and Rings

In the center of each circle, add another. These dots can be different colors from our palette and varying sizes. You will see how layering contrasting colors will make your painting pop!

Then, paint the rings around the circles. Use alternating colors so each circle will be different. I was not satisfied with my few paint colors, so I mixed a purple. Do not be afraid to mix your own unique colors. After all, this is your painting!

Finishing Details

You know I love adding gold to almost everything! To finish up the painting, you can add metallic gold around some of the circles, and in the tree. You can see all of My Favorite Gold Paint Products HERE.

Lastly, add some white polka dots all around between your circles and branches. A trick to make easy, perfect dots is to use the back end of your brush. This is the easiest way to add dots to any painting that needs extra details or effects.

How to Paint Whimsical Tree Beginners Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Painting Studio Circle Tree

I would love to see what you make of this colorful tree. It’s perfect for beginners and would be so fun as a family paint night. If you are looking for more activities for kids, I have so many fun ideas you can check out HERE.

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Whimsical Tree Video Painting Tutorial

This Whimsical Tree Painting is special to me. It is the very first painting I ever came up with for The Social Easel! This is the painting that started it all!!

There have been so many exciting moments in The Social Easel’s journey, with hard lessons to learn and overcome. I am so grateful for each and every one of those and all of you!?

Stay Creative,