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Take a tour of my paint studio which was just recently renovated, and get some great ideas for how you can set up your art supplies and painting station.

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Join me today inside my newly renovated, but still in progress, art studio! I’m so excited to finally share this space with you. So many of you have requested this blog post for a while, and thank you for being so patient with me as we worked hard to get it just right and continue to fine-tune things.

I hope this space inspires you to create a room or studio or corner of your home that you can dedicate to a peaceful and organized area for creating and painting.

My Entrance Way & Awesome Rolling Carts

The entrance to my studio is at the top of my stairs. When you enter the first thing you will see is a gallery wall. I’m constantly changing things up on those walls

My studio wall has my previously painted canvas, color chart, a wheeling card, and my paint color wall.

Next up you will see that I have these awesome big silver rolling carts that we got at Sam’s Club. They are meant for a kitchen, but they’re awesome to have in a studio. For instance, I usually roll that over to my paint station and pick out the colors that I want. I then load up my silver tray with any other supplies I need and take it over to the workstation.

Big silver rolling cart I use for my painting supplies.

The Paint Station, Inspiration Book Shelves, & Mixing Chart

Corey built me an awesome paint wall. These are made of 1×2 wood pieces that are nailed to the wall for shelving. For instance, these shelves hold all my 2 oz. paint bottles. As you can see, I don’t like to organize my paints by brand but by colors. I just like the way it looks that way.

Wall of paint Colors. A shelf built out of 
1x2 wood piece.

Then below that are all my heavy body acrylic paints you see hanging on wooden pegs. The rods are about 3 inches, enough to hold two bottles of these paints. But, I still need Corey to add a few more pegs. Remember, I said it’s a work in progress! Oh, and we are painting them white. In hindsight, I wish we would have done this first. Much easier!

Heavy body acrylic paints hanging on wooden pegs. The rods are about 3 inches, enough to hold two bottles of these paints.

To the bottom right of my paint station, you will see a simple shelving unit. These were actually Kiley’s from her dorm room, and she didn’t want them anymore. I put them here in the studio. It is perfect for holding my reference books and art books that I like to use for inspiration. You will even see some magazines stacked on there. It’s always good to keep inspiration nearby especially if you are feeling uninspired!

 A simple shelving unit used for holding my reference books and art books.

As you keep walking along, you will see my large TV. Below is my color mixing chart and a few of my most recent paintings. These mixing charts are amazing at teaching you what colors to mix to get exactly what color you want. I love having it right here in view. Such a great reference to have nearby! I highly recommend getting one. There is a smaller one available if this is too big for your space. 

Christie Hawkins paint studio with a huge tv, a wall of paint bottles, some painted canvases, and a color chart.

The Big Work Station

Next up is the big workstation. Here you can see a large 4 ft. by 8 ft. platform table that Corey built for me. Below that table, we have several storage units that I got for Amazon. Each of these units features five draws and some shelving. These are great for storing all your other art supplies. I have them organized by categories. You store smaller things like sponges up to even your bigger roles of transfer paper or craft paper.

Christie's workstation has a large cabinet and 5 drawers underneath.

On top of the platform table, I have my laptop, laptop stand, and several different ring lights. I even have power strips. Along the ends of the table, I slide my large things in between the storage units. I even have my cutting board in there.

Storage Unit Organization

Christie's workstation with her computer, storage, art supplies.

As I mentioned, I have several storage units underneath my large workstation. I organized each station by category. For example, in one of the storage units I have all of my painting supplies with the exception of actual paints because they are on my wall over in the paint station. In the cabinet, I have mediums, brushes, and anything else I would need to do a painting.

Workstation storage draws in Christie's paint studio workstation.

More storage ideas!

Another storage unit features all my mixed media needs, like my stamps. I also have my resin and extra things like that in there. Then there is a storage unit with my finishing-type materials, like my varnishes, sealers, Mod Podge, and gloss gel-like mediums.

Christie's workstation storage area used for painting supplies.

Inside several of the drawers, I used clear tubs to help keep things organized. The clear tubs are super easy to find on Amazon. They’re great for just storing things in so you can pull out what you need instead of them being lost in a cabinet. I like to keep my most used Posca pens in one. I can just lift those tubs out and put them right back when I’m done without it becoming a big mess. It just keeps it functional and organized.

Posca pens neatly stored in a tote inside my workstation.

With my workstation set up like this, I can move around my cameras and walk to different sides of the platform table. This makes it easy to switch where I’m working depending on the type of art that I’m doing.  And, the clean up is easy with all the organization.

I hope you found this blog helpful, and that you feel inspired to organize your own art space!

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