My Top 5 Favorite Gold Products!

I love gold! I love gold on just about everything, Including my art! You will see it in the majority of my pieces!  It might be gold paint, gold lettering or gold accent marks or even a gold frame! By the Way, the gold frame is SOOOO easy! Today I’m going to show you My Top 5 Favorite Gold Products that I use when creating art!

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Let’s start with my favorite gold paint pen! I use this for lettering and accent marks in my paintings!

Top 5 Favorite Gold Products

1. Deco Color Premium Pen

It has a chisel point so it makes it great for doing skinny or thick lines when doing your lettering! It’s the only gold paint pen that I have used that really gives you that really shiny gold look. It doesn’t dull after drying.

These are a few examples of the paintings that I’ve used the Deco Color Premium Pen on!

2. Gold POSCA Pen

My second favorite product is another pen. The Gold POSCA pen! This one is really good for fine hand lettering. You can write with extreme detail with this gold paint pen.

Here’s an example of how I used it to add all of the names of my new tribe sisters to my membership!

Top 5 Favorite Gold Products

This paint pen can be used to write on glass, wood, paper, mixed media projects or canvas.

3. Krylon Premium Metallic

The next gold product I’m going show you is going to help you take any boring old ugly frame and turn it in to something beautiful! I absolutely love this gold metallic spray paint by Krylon!

With just a few quick coats and less than a few minutes you have a brand new frame! Here is my finished framed piece!

Top 5 Favorite Gold Products

You can see the before and after in my video. Think of how easily you could create an entire Wall space with beautiful gold frames. Mix-and-match using some for art and maybe some for inspirational sayings.  The possibilities are endless.

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So, what about the paint that I use in my paintings? I have two that are my go to favorites!

4. Folk Art Pure Gold

The first one is Folk Art acrylic paint in Pure Gold. I love this paint because it’s thick and it covers so well! You don’t have to go back and put a second coat on.

5. Deco Art Gold Metallic

And my absolute favorite gold paint is by Deco Art 24 Karat Gold Metallic! Love love love this stuff! You can use it with a brush or a palette knife and it is just so bright and beautiful!

These are a few of the paintings that I have used it in!

See my top 5 favorite gold products in action!

That’s it! Those are My Top 5 Favorite Gold Products. All things Gold!

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I hope you have fun creating and using them in your own artwork and I would love to see your pictures posted in my free Facebook group! I can’t wait to see how you decide to use all these fun products! Stay creative!