How to Build a Pallet Board for Painting

How to Build a Pallet Board for Painting

A few years ago I decided to try something different! I learned how to build a pallet board for painting (or my husband did 😉) and fell in love with the new surface to paint on.

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I had been teaching local classes for almost 4 years and wanted to try something new. Something other than just painting on canvas.  While I was in my studio looking for inspiration, I found a leftover pallet board my husband had made me for a sign for one of my craft nights.  Typically we just painted these a color and then added words to them with a stencil.

How to Build a Pallet Board for Painting

Wondering what it would look like if I treated it like a canvas instead of a pallet board, I decided to paint a pumpkin on it to see how it would look.   I loved it when I got done but wasn’t sure what other people were going to think of it. When I posted it on Facebook it went crazy like wild fire!  I created a Paint Night for it and it sold out in the first day! After having such amazing feedback I ended up doing two more Paint Nights for the same painting, they also Sold Out! 

~ My Original Painted Pallet Board ~

The people that came to those Paint Nights absolutely loved it. They loved the difference of the way the wood took the paint and how beautiful the final piece looked. I now have clients who prefer that over canvas and wait for me to do my next pallet board night.

That was the beginning of me painting on pallet boards! Since then you can see my huge library of paintings I’ve done has grown! Once I started painting on wood I realized I actually prefer it to canvas and I love the heavy solid look that it gives when it’s hanging on the wall. It’s now become a trend with my business and something different that I do. I’m always looking for new ways to create and this one definitely translated to others! 

Believe it or not, I am showing you just a few paintings I have done on pallet boards. Several of these and more are available for you to see and learn online through my Tribe Membership or single Video Tutorials.

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So, of course people wanted to know how to do them! They wanted to know how to build their own pallet board for painting so they could create their own art at home with the same look! Well, I had no idea! LOL! My husband Corey had always done them for me. I basically gave him dimensions and he made it happen. We used a couple different style boards but ended up really loving the look of the 1×4 inch boards.  This became my signature pallet board style.  

Here is what the built pallet boards look like bare.

I use two versions most of the time. 18×18 (roughly) and 14×24.

Eventually, I went to Corey and asked if he’d do me a favor and record a video with me to show you exactly how to build a pallet board for painting and give you the supply list so you know exactly what to buy! He agreed and we now have it ready for you to purchase!
This is a live video and full supply list so you can start making your own pallets now! 
This is the perfect time to learn so you are ready to get your paintings going! You will have so much fun creating this upcoming holiday season and the summer is the perfect time to perfect your craft! Don’t want to do it? Share the video on How to Build a Pallet Board for Painting with your husband or friend and they can do it for you! 

Learn How to Build a Pallet Board for Painting

I can’t wait for you to see how simple this is! Step by step directions and tips to help your pallet boards stand out and look awesome! 
The best part?! It’s on sale!! Right now as an introductory offer, I am giving you the tutorial for only $3.99!! That’s it!! 
Regular price is normally $10 so don’t miss out on grabbing yours today! 
Have fun and don’t forget to message me with your pics of your work! I love seeing it! 

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