Paint a Mixed Media Americana Flag

I originally painted this mixed media flag on scrap wood for the Fourth of July last year and thought it would be an excellent project to celebrate President day.

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Really, any time of the year is a great time to make and decorate with Americana. It’s a timeless classic and can be restyled in so many ways year after year.

You can find some of my other Americana theme paintings on my Youtube Channel.

Mixed Media Flag Vertical on Mantel The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I love the texture the wood brings to this mixed media flag. It inspired me to go full primitive Folk Art style, which I love. I made mine vertical for more versatility to fit into my front porch decor or anywhere in my house, like my mantel.

I found this piece of scrap wood out in the garage. It was a little ruff, so I did take some sandpaper to it, smoothing it out just enough so none would catch themselves on it.

Supplies Paper The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Mixed media painting projects like this are my favorite way to use up all the loose ends of scrapbook paper I have lying around. You don’t have to buy new paper. Get creative with what you have!

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Not only am I using scrap paper, but I have this old world script tissue paper that I LOVE for this theme! It just reminded me of all the signatures on the Declaration of Independence.

The beauty of all art is you can take any inspiration, like my tutorial, and make it your own! You get to decide how much decoupaging you like in your art and how rustic your painted mixed media flag will look.

Mixed Media Blue Top

I chose a cute polka dot blue paper for the blue at the top where the stars will go. I like the rough ripped edges of the scrap paper and just eyeball the size.

My paper is more on the side of baby blue, but we can deepen the color with just a little navy paint.

Star Stitch Mixed Media Americana Flag The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I don’t want to completely cover the polka dots, so all you would have to do is water the paint down a little, then give the paper a light wash.

Age the corners with a tiny bit of black added to the navy. Black is very potent. If you are a little heavy-handed, you can wipe the access off with a paper towel.

How to Decoupage

To decoupage, apply a thin, even layer of decoupage medium onto the surface (or the back of your paper) using a brush. Press the paper into place. Then, cover with another layer of decoupage.

Make sure all the paper is covered by decoupage, especially the edges, then smooth and push out any bubbles with your fingers.

Some folds and lines in the paper can add extra texture if you like it!

Horizontal Display Mixed Media Flag The Social Easel

Decoupage White Stripes

At first, I wanted to find fun, beautiful papers for this mixed media flag’s red and white stripes but ultimately decided only to use it for the white, and chose to paint the red so some wood grain can poke through, fitting the rustic look.

Prepare the paper for the white stripes. I cut mine about 3/4 inch wide and then tear them off to fit the length. No part of perfectionism can come into play here. Then decoupage into place.

Mixed Media Americana Flag The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Paint Red Stripes

Once the decoupage is dry, paint in the red stripes. I mix my Burgundy Wine color with some black to make it nice and deep. I have loaded my brush with plenty of paint to drag the paint down the line smoothly.

Try wiping some paint off with a paper towel to give a faded look and allow more wood grain to show. You can always add another layer of paint if you liked it opaque.

Like the top blue portion, I rub a little bit of black paint around all the board edges to give it an aged, worn look.

Mixed Media Stars

Since I painted this Live on my Facebook page, we all decided together to decoupage three stars on the top. You could also use a star stencil if you aren’t up to draw and cut the stars out as I did.

I love the wonky shape of the stars! Let loose and have fun with the layout too.

Once you have them placed, decoupage them one at a time to keep the desired placement.

Mixed Media Flag Stars in blue The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

You know I am going to add some gold to these stars! Just a touch of to add a highlight to their edges… and maybe a very faint dry brush of gold over top of the white stripes to bring it all together 🙂

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After everything is dry, to complete the stars, use a black fine line marker to make a few quilt stitch marks.

Many of you know, I don’t often put a clear coat over my paintings or signs… But, I will be sealing this one!

Deco Art Clear Coat and Bright Metallic Americana Mixed Media Flag The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I want to be able to put this one on my porch and found this DecoArt clear coat that is formulated to be better for the outdoors than traditional varnish!

Smooth over the whole surface to seal. I don’t use my nice brushes to do a clear coat. Just an old one will do.

I love the eggshell finish of this clear coat and how well it will protect the paper and paint for the outdoors.

Watch the Full Mixed Media Flag Video Tutorial!

This may be one of my favorite things I have done! I love the primitive Folk Art look of this mixed media flag.

Mixed Media Flag The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

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I hope this inspires you to go find some scrap wood and get creative.