Decorating for Fall

Fall is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year! I love the colors, the crisp air, boots and sweaters, warm blankets, pumpkin spice lattes,  the smell of my candles burning… And of course decorating for fall! You know – All the things! It just makes me happy!

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Decorating For Fall with Artwork Funky Fall Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

There’s something about decorating for fall that just makes the house feel so warm and cozy! Over the years I have painted so many paintings for this time of year! Pumpkins galore!

Pumpkin with Sunflowers Decorating For Fall with Acrylic Paintings The Social Easel

When it comes time to decorating it’s hard to figure out which of my fall paintings I want to display and where I want to put them. I wanted to share with you guys how I incorporated all of my them into my fall home decor. I’m hoping it will give you some fun ideas on how you can display your artwork as well!

I have painted this easy Haunted House with adults and kids, look how perfect it is on this shelf!

The very first thing I do is take down all of my regular home decors. I clean the shelves off completely and start with a blank pallet just like I do when I’m painting! I lay out all of my fall items so I can pick and choose what I want to put where.

Insert hot mess ? The things are everywhere! ⬇️⬇️

This is just in my living room. There are a few images of other spaces in my house that I did as well!

The first step is picking my main focal points. A few of my favorite fall art pieces and some of my signs that I have bought over the years.

Decorate for fall before The social Easel (1)

I start by placing those on the shelf where I want them and then find coordinating pieces to go with them. I look at the colors for that shelf as well as taking height into consideration.

When you are looking at your space you don’t want all of the elements to all be at the same eye level. We want to incorporate some shorter things and then some taller objects as well.

Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin Fall Decor The Social Easel

For the shelf with the Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin painting, I decided to hang it on the wall and decorate in front of it.

Check out my full step-by-step painting tutorial for the buffalo plaid pumpkin HERE.

Pumpkin Topiary Decorating for Fall The Social Easel

On the shelf below I had my tall skinnier Halloween Pumpkin Topiary painting from my Inner Tribe, and I thought the gnomes and the candle were the perfect things to put next to it.

AFTER Decorating for fall with Acrylic Paintings The Social Easel

I like to mix things up in my displays.

Use a combination of picture frames, paintings, candles, garland, cute figures, and little pumpkins!

Decorating For Fall mixed media owl The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

I tend to treat each section as its own area and try to keep the colors coordinated.

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspires you to create your own fun displays at home!

Here are a few more examples!

Happy Fall Decorating for Fall The Social Easel
Halloween Fold Tree Decorating for Fall The Social Easel Online Paint Studio
Decorating with Fall Paintings The Social Easel Online Paint Studio
Finished Decorating for Fall The Social Easel Online Paint Studio