Neutral Dining Room Makeover Inspired by Artwork

Check out how I update my transitional dining room decor using neutral colors taken from one of my favorite paintings. You can makeover any room inspired by artwork!

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Finished Neutral Dining Room Makeover Inspired by Artwork

A few months ago I decided it was time for a little dining room makeover. I wanted to update the color scheme to be a little more neutral and decided to make my White Barn painting the centerpiece and inspiration for my color scheme.

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Christie holding her White Barn painting - Painting of the Month Club

I chose to use muted neutrals along with some soft greens and blues in my accent decor against the gray paint on the walls. (French Silver by Behr)

First, I needed to move my farm animal paintings. These had been the centerpiece of my dining room decor for over a year (which you can see in this blog.)

Even though I still enjoy them I knew it was the first step in transitioning my dining room decor. But because I love them so much, I didn’t want to remove them from the room so I repositioned Maggie the Cow and Petunia the Pig on either side of the front window.

Maggie the Cow painting hanging on wall
Petunia the Pig painting hanging on wall

Now I had room to focus on the largest wall where I hung my artwork that inspired the new look. I found these cute little white wall hangings to go on either side of the White Barn painting and a detailed metal piece to hang up above.

White Barn Painting on wall with art

The large corner wall held my wall grouping! I made sure not to add too much to it – just simple clean colors. Most of the items are from Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx (one of my favorite places for home decor.)

gallery collection of art and pictures on corner wall

After I finished hanging decor items, my paintings, and family photos on the walls, I moved to creating the tablescape.

I started with a gold glittery table runner as the base of my centerpiece. You know I always have to add a little bit of shimmer.

Gold Runner on dining table

In the center, I placed a wood bread bowl flanked by two rustic lanterns that I found at a local craft show last year. I bought some filler from Hobby Lobby to put in the bowl along with some flameless flickering candles.

wood bowl with candles and greenery on table

I love these ones! You can control them with a little remote or put them on a timer!

flameless flickering candles on table with remote

The same candles set inside a small green wreath were placed inside the lanterns.

I think it’s important to use old favorites along with new finds to create transitional home decor and I love how all these pieces worked together!

Candles in lanterns with greenery on the dining table

The last part of my centerpiece is the little ceramic birds that I got from Hobby Lobby. If you follow me, you may know that I love to paint cute little birds. They are tucked in all over my house too!

Ceramic birds in table centerpiece

After I had the table centerpiece together, I began work on the place settings.

When I first decided to give my dining room a makeover inspired by my artwork, place settings were one thing I was most excited about putting together. I had never done any of these before and was on the search for the perfect collection!

The first thing I wanted to find was the charger to go underneath the plates. I found some simple wicker ones that bring in some natural texture… Guess where – Hobby Lobby. Are you noticing a theme?! ? If you can’t find them, these are very similar.

That’s also where I got the cute little greenery napkin rings.

Greenery napkin rings

I searched a few places before I found the plates that I wanted and ended up finding them at Walmart!

Cream plate for place-setting

To create the place setting, I started with a cream-colored ceramic plate with a little rustic edging. Placed on top, I did a black and white polka dot ceramic plate with gold trim – that I LOVE… Little touches of gold are always good!

black and white polka dot plate for place-setting

I found the cutest linen and lace napkins from Amazon HERE. They were exactly what I was looking for.

Here’s a little trick for a very simple way to do your napkins. First, fold in a triangle. Pinch in the middle of the triangle at the top and gather. Next, just slide your little napkin ring right over the top of that and fluff until you’re happy with how it looks.

The finishing touch is the Hobby Lobby greenery I added around our light fixture we got from Lowe’s late last year. (this one is similar) I love the extra little touch. It just creates a little more coziness in the room.

Chandelier with greenery lights on

I hope you enjoyed my dining room makeover and it gave you some ideas for using your artwork as inspiration when updating the decor in your own home!

complete place-setting
Finished centerpiece_Neutral Dining Room Makeover Inspired by Artwork

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Gallery wall of decor and pictures hung on gray wall with bench
Finished dining room makeover inspired by artwork

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