Decoupage, Gold and Glitter MacKenzie-Childs Inspired Pumpkins

Learn how to make these decoupage MacKenzie-Childs inspired pumpkins to add to your fall and Halloween home decor.

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In art, inspiration can come from anywhere. This project started with a napkin! I saw these adorable MacKenzie Child napkins and just fell in love with them. I knew I wanted to do some type of crafting project with them and decided it had to be pumpkins! 

check and polka dot pumpkins surrounded by art supplies

You just never know when or where you’ll see something that will inspire you to get creative! I encourage you to keep your artist’s eyes open as you go about your days.

In today’s blog, I’m taking you through a fun pumpkin project that I created last fall that will be perfect as part of your Halloween decor!

Creating Decoupage, Gold and Glitter MacKenzie-Childs Inspired Pumpkins

I created these whimsical pumpkins in two different sessions. First I decoupaged the black and white check napkins onto some inexpensive pumpkins. Then I customized them with all my favorite gold and glitter finishing touches.

Black and white check decoupage pumpkin near decoupage and glitter paint bottle

Prep the pumpkin and napkins.

The first step is to prep for decoupage. Removed the stem from the pumpkin, prime it with multi-surface paint and set it aside to dry. The thin layer of multi-surface paint adhears to the plastic and will allow whatever color you choose to paint over top to stick. The pumpkin itself doesn’t need any more prep for decoupage.

Then, separate the napkin layers to make them easier to work with.

close up of a black and white check pumpkin with glitter paint

Decoupage the napkins onto the pumpkins.

To decoupage the napkin onto the pumpkin, I like to start at the top and work in small sections. Paint some decoupage onto the top of the pumpkin and place the napkin, centered, over the top.

Then, play with the loose paper to see how it will lay around the curves. Cut a few slits up the paper a bit in a few areas to help it lay flat.

Now, work around the pumpkin, decoupaging each piece down, smoothing with your finger or a dry paintbrush.

The napkin will overlap, and there is no need to try to get the squares to aline perfectly. Trim away any excess paper as you work.

Black and white check pumpkins painted with gold paint glaze

Tip: Using a bit of decoupage can help smooth down some lumpy layers, but be careful not to paint the whole thing in decoupage just yet, or the paper may stick to your fingers as you work.

When most of your napkin is applied around your pumpkin, use the decoupage as glue to keep all the ends in place on the bottom.

I waited overnight before I added all the gold and glitter touches, but you just need to wait until it is dry to the touch.

For part one of this super cute pumpkin project, you can watch the video HERE. 

Adding metallic gold paint to the stems. 

Let’s get started on our finishing touches. I’m going to add the little stem back in the top, but I want mine to be gold. You can choose any color you like!

Take a small brush and paint a thin coat of gold on there. Then just set that aside to dry. I’ll come back and decide if I need to add another thin coat after it dries. 

Tip: Any time you paint with metallics, start with a base coat of white, like the Folk Art multi-surface paint we used in the prep step, to make the metallics stand out more. 

Paint the pumpkin with glittre paint

Choosing a decoupage finish. 

The pumpkin still feels like a soft napkin right now. In order to get the effect I want, I’m going to cover the entire thing in decoupage. 

I used a gloss because I like the shiny finish. If you’d rather have less shine, you can choose a satin or matte finish. This is your project, so make choices that make you happy! 

Having fun with metallic paint. 

On my first pumpkins, I used gold paint to add warmth to the black and white checks. It looks really pretty. If you like that look, add gold to the creases of the pumpkins. You could even rub it in a bit with your finger or tissue to give it a bit of a glazed look.

Metallic gold paint for black and white decoupage pumpkins

In the video below, I decided to try something new, and I chose to make the pumpkin all glittery. I painted several of these pumpkins and wanted to have a mixture of glittery ones and gold ones to put in with my decorations. It looks so pretty! 

I love these Deco Art metallics. This particular one is called Vintage Brass. They have a shade called 24-Carat Gold which is one of my favorite ones, but this is really close. 

Glitter paint swatches on a red paper next to paint bottles

Choosing glitter, shimmer, or both. 

To achieve a super glittery effect on these berries, I used Deco Art Holographic Illusions paint. I’m also going to use Deco Art Enchanted Shimmer which gives more of an opaque, silvery white finish. They’re both so pretty on these pumpkins. And if you want to take glittery to the limit, you can choose Deco Art Galaxy Glitter! 

glitter swatches on a a red paper

I’ll use the glitter and shimmer paints before I’m ready to decoupage. We’re just going to cover the entire pumpkin with decoupage. I try to do one side at a time to keep my fingers from getting completely sticky. But… it’s art, and it’s decoupage, so we need to be comfortable with getting a little messy! 

Adding final touches. 

It’s important to add a liberal amount of decoupage in order to seal and protect your pumpkin. Again, I chose a gloss, but you can also choose matte or satin. 

The last thing we need to do is find that little hole in the top of the pumpkin and stick the stem back in. Let it all dry thoroughly and you’re ready to add these adorable pumpkins to your fall decor! 

black gold and glitter pumpkins with metallic paint and decoupage

Watch the full video of this decoupage, gold, and glitter MacKenzie-Childs inspired pumpkins project. 

I love the whimsical look of these black and white check pumpkins! If you do too, check out my MacKenzie-Childs inspired Welcome door hanger I painted HERE.

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Stay creative and happy painting!

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