Christmas Gift Ideas For Artists That Paint

Find the perfect gift for the artist in your life from this list of Christmas gift ideas for artists that paint.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Artists that Paintthe Social Easel

Whew – the hustle of the holiday season is in full swing! I’m taking care of all the last minute details for our mission trip to Honduras and starting to decorate the house for Christmas. Oh, and I’m starting to make some progress on my gift buying list. 

In case you’re wondering: no, it’s not too soon to decorate and no, it’s not too soon to start Christmas shopping! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the stores have had their Christmas decorations up since before Halloween and their sales started earlier than ever, too! 

If you have any artists on your Christmas list, I’m here to help. Whether you’re buying for a serious artist, a casual creator, or someone you’d like to help start a new hobby, I’ve got what you need. 

Keep reading for a list of some of my all-time favorite art supplies. They make great gifts for artists that paint or would like to learn to paint. 

This list includes a wide variety of gifts, perfect for stocking stuffers or as part of a gift bundle or basket as well as some larger items. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone new to painting or  a more experienced artist, I know you’ll find something they’ll love!

Must-Have Supplies for Artists that Paint

The Social Easel Starter Kit

I’m so excited about this! This Starter Kit has everything you need to start painting – or to start painting again! Available at a special price, this kit makes a beautiful Christmas gift – and it’s already packaged in a beautiful teal box. Inside, your recipient will find: 

  • 15 piece Signature Paint Brush Set
  • 5 piece Signature Palette Knives Set
  • Apron of Choice
  • 9″ Color Wheel
  • Exclusive Color Wheel Tutorial 
  • Access to 4 Day Video Series
  • Welcome Letter from Christie
  • A Social Easel Sticker

Mixed Media Pad

Every artist needs a good sketchbook to fill with all their creative ideas. And this Mixed Media Pad takes it to the next level! Its heavyweight paper holds up perfectly to acrylic painting and even watercolors too!

Waterproof Pens

Of course, you can sketch in a mixed media pad with a pencil, but what happens if you love what you have started and decide you want to paint it? Those soft sketch lines will smudge and get lost.

That’s why I always have waterproof black pens around. I also really love the look of the black lines in my watercolor-style paintings!

Watermelon slices painted on a paper pad surrounded by aqua paint brushes with a floral bag

Christie’s Signature 15-Piece Brush Set

I designed this 15-piece brush set to meet the needs of all artists, from beginning painters to those with years of experience. These are the brushes I use when I’m painting and when I’m teaching. 

Christie’s Signature 15-Piece Brush Set

The Social Easel Palette Knives with teal handles on a table with paint

Christie’s Signature Palette Knife Set

I fell in love with painting with palette knives. So much so that I designed my own set. They make a great gift for any artist who is ready to try something new!

They’re made from the finest stainless blades to ensure they resist all wear and corrosion from any media including acrylics.

Christie’s Signature Palette Knife Set

Detail Brushes

When it comes to getting the smallest details of a painting just right, I love these awesome fine detail brushes. The comfort grip handles and soft yet firm bristles make every last detail simpler to achieve.

NicPro Round Paint Brushes

This NicPro set of round brushes works beautifully with acrylic and watercolor paints. They clean up easily and keep their shape through many, many uses.

Acrylic Paint Pens

Painting is all about layers. Sometimes those layers come in the form of scribbles and movement lines made with acrylic paint pens. See this technique in action in this blog.

Some of my favorites:

Artist Color Wheel

Take the guesswork out of creating brilliant color schemes and learn more about color theory with a color wheel.

Anyone trying to develop an eye for color will appreciate this valuable tool.

Color Mixing Guide

Paint colors are often out of stock or discontinued by the manufacturer. Don’t let that stand in the way of creating that perfect shade! This color mixing guide takes the guesswork out of mixing colors.

Painting Surfaces

Any canvas makes a great starting point for a stack of fresh painter’s supplies, all tied together with a pretty bow.

If you are looking for something a little more unique to gift, pick up a wood sign, or ceramic figure to paint! It is so much fun to paint on different surfaces and I have many tutorials to teach you how.

Brush Cleaner

We’ve talked about the brushes you need, now it’s time to talk about taking care of those brushes. It’s important to keep an artist’s tools in tip-top shape to achieve the desired results. This brush cleaner is the best around!

Storage Solutions for Artists that Paint

Paint Organizer and Brush Holder

Over the years I have accumulated quite a few bottles of paint! All artists do. This clear acrylic paint organizer and brush holder set combines form and function and is a great way for any artist to organize her paint corner..

2-Tear Lazy Susan

Keep paint within arm’s reach with the 2-Tear Lazy Susan. So many members of Christie’s Inner Tribe rave about it!

Storage Art Caddy

For artists who don’t have a dedicated space for an art studio, having an easy way to store and move your supplies is essential. This art supply caddy is a great solution!

How cute could it be filled with a few new paint supplies, tied with a bow, and tucked under the tree?!

More Fun Gift Ideas for Artists that Paint

Ring Light

I use my ring light every day. Not only is it great for properly lighting my paintings to be photographed, but I also use it to light my workspace. It’s so easy to get just the right angle so I can see my whole painting without any odd shadows as I work.

I have a tabletop size like this one too!

Adjustable Easel

When imagining an artist painting, we almost always see an easel in use. But, not everyone likes to use an easel when painting!

I recommend trying something like this adjustable easel before making a big investment.

As a bonus, this one is easy to travel with and take anywhere you find creative inspiration!

gold paint and stencils Mixed Media Art for Beginners The Social Easel

Mixed Media Art Supplies

Why not try a new art form?! Mixed media art combines art mediums like paint, glass, and paper into one piece to create something truly one of a kind.

A collection of fun tissue or craft paper, decoupage, stamps, and stencils would make such a cute gift basket! Find all my favorite mixed media supplies here.

Fun Extra Paints

Every time I find myself at the craft store, I find a new color I simply can’t live without.

I especially love to pick up unique finishes like metallics and glitter. They’re so fun to play with and they make a great addition to any Christmas gift for painters!

I am finding all my faves in stock at DecoArt online!

Paint Water Mug Set

Every artist, whether they admit it or not, has mistaken her paint water mug for her not paint water mug! LOL. Help the artist in your life solve that problem with this adorable set of mugs – one for paint water and one for whatever they’re drinking while they paint. 

Paint Water Mug Set

The Social Easel T-Shirt and The Social Easel Apron

Help the artist in your life keep (most of) the paint off their clothes with this adorable Social Easel Apron.

It provides great coverage and has a roomy pocket, too! Paired with a Social Easel T-Shirt, it’s a look that will inspire any artist.

I have so many Christmas gift ideas for artists that paint I could go on forever! Hop on over to my Amazon Store and go through all my lists of things I use and love.

Happy shopping!!

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