6 Best Flower Painting Tutorials

You all know I love creating and teaching flower painting tutorials! I find them so relaxing to paint and who doesn’t like to look at beautiful blooms?! One of the reasons why I will continue to paint florals is because of the endless possibilities. Really, that is the beauty of creating art and painting!

Flowers come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and textures! There are just so many ways to arrange them on a painting surface, you truly can not go wrong.

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Today I am sharing my favorite flower painting tutorials. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you’ve been painting for years, these simple methods will help you create any type of floral paintings.

My favorite way to paint flowers is very loose and relaxing. All of the tutorials listed will give you some key painting tips & techniques you can use in any composition you bring together.

Flower Painting Tutorials

Painting A Sunflower Still Life Flower Painting Tutorials

1. Sunflower Still Life

The bright and sunny bloom of golden sunflowers is one of my favorites. In this particular painting tutorial, the sunflower is the main event, but I also walk you through my quick and easy ways to paint common filler flowers like carnations and baby’s breath.

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Flower Painting Tutorials How to Paint from a Photograph The Social Easel

2. Painting a Tulip from a Photograph

This is another flower painting tutorial I did LIVE on my FREE Facebook page. I love being able to paint along with everyone watching so I can answer any questions along the way. This lesson was all about painting from a photograph. You know that my chosen inspiration photo was going to be a flower! A tulip from my garden in full open bloom.

Mason Jar with Spring Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio Flower Painting Tutorials

3. Spring Flowers in A Mason Jar

In this painting tutorial, you will learn how to paint a spring bouquet in a mason jar that is full of lush colors and multiple blooms. I use a unique painting technique that I have truly begun to love. With this “watercolor” style you can use all the same acrylic paints and no fancy brushes needed!

Flower Painting Tutorials Texture of Painting Palette Knife Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

4. Palette Knife Flowers

Don’t be intimidated by palette knife painting! It can feel foreign if you haven’t tried it before, but everyone really must try it! Painting palette knife flowers is my most favorite thing to do. It is so freeing to just let go of the ideas of perfection and create a heavily textured floral scene.

I don’t always add medium to build up my paint, but if you wanted to go for a lofty impasto painting, add an acrylic mixing medium when painting with a palette knife.

Patriotic Flower Painting Tutorial The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

5. Mixed Floral Patriotic Bouquet

Who else feels you can be patriotic through every season? I did this impromptu painting tutorial of sunflowers, daisies, and a beautiful deep purple buddleia bloom to celebrate Independence Day. Improvise and use these techniques in any of your florals.

Single Flower Painting Tutorial

6. Vibrant Sunflowers

Have I mentioned I love sunflowers yet? This single painting tutorial is a much more bold and abstract way of painting sunflowers than I have mentioned previously.

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Bonus Techniques Tutorials

Now, these aren’t stand-alone Flower painting tutorials, but they must be mentioned! In my acrylic paintbrush series, where I show you how to use all different types of brushes, I created examples by painting some easy flowers.

Flower Painting Tutorial Painting Palette Knife Flowers
Flower painting tutorial

Simple Roses with An Angled Brush

Here you can see how I use an angled brush to paint some of my often used simple roses! You can see similar flowers in my Spring Flowers  and Country Flowers painting tutorials.

Still Life with Filbert Paint Brush Flower Painting Tutorial

Painting Flowers with a Filbert Paintbrush

With a Filbert brush, I painted a whole bouquet! The unique shape of this brush helps you to easily makes the perfect petal shape.

With just a few basic acrylic painting supplies you can paint unimaginable combinations of beautiful florals. Bold and heavily textured, soft and muted, fill your whole canvas, or leave some white space for a few inspirational words.

Just keep painting, you will find how fun and relaxing florals can be.

Stay Creative,