Draw and Paint a Mason Jar with Spring Flowers

If you have been following me at all you know I love to paint florals. I will add them to any painting! It’s finally May and I have a simple and fun spring floral painting tutorial for you! I want to show you how to draw and paint this a mason jar with spring flowers.

A mason jar can be simple to draw and so versatile that it can be used in so many other paintings. I will show you the easy way to draw one! Then we will add some colorful spring flowers, of course.

This painting is done similar to this Lemon Wreath we did a few weeks ago, where we used acrylic paint like watercolors! I love this painting technique!

Materials I used:

My favorite pen to use to sketch out the lines before painting is the Pentalic Illustration brush style pen. Any tip shape you like will work, just make sure it is a waterproof pen so it doesn’t bleed into your colors when we start to paint.
This style of art is kinda messy and loose, not about perfection so leave that somewhere else! We are here to enjoy the process and not stay inside the lines.
First, take a look at the surface you are working on, think about how you want the painting composition to be while keeping in mind space for the flowers. I will also be adding my word of the year, Joy. I choose to put my mason jar a little off to the left to accommodate.
In the video below I show you just how I drew the mason jar with step-by-step instructions! Keep the lines light and sketch-like. I like the messy look of the extra lines. This style makes it super easy to hide any missteps and can work well with other mediums too. Start with a pencil if you aren’t sure yet of going straight in with a pen.
You can paint so many things into a mason jar. Today we are adding spring flowers but the sky is the limit! Before we start to paint I want to draw in a couple stems, leaves, and flowers.
You want to match the sketch style of the jar, these aren’t perfect straight lines either. Use quick, short motions to sketch just a few flowers and stems. Keep it simple, you can always add more!

Now it is time to paint the mason jar and spring flowers!

To make acrylic paints look like watercolors, you only need a little bit of paint. I use clean water and add it to the paint until it is pretty thin. You can choose how transparent to make your paint.

I start with one color and start painting in like a coloring book! Don’t worry too much about staying inside the lines, this is a loose and free painting style. I even paint in extra color and go in after the paint is dry to sketch around it.

My goal this year is to bring you all as much joy as I can through painting. As a reminder to myself I wanted to add my word of the year to this painting, I first lightly sketch a cursive JOY with a pencil. Then, trace over with the waterproof pen or a sharpie. I made all my downstrokes thicker and filled them in.

Lettering can be very relaxing but this is a skill I am still working on inside my friend Casey’s Group. I am lucky to have her as one of my guest instructor for a tutorial inside of my Inner Tribe

Here is my video on How to draw and paint a spring Mason Jar with Flowers

I love this style of painting! You can go back to add more color and lines and keep playing with it. It is so relaxing and therapeutic. This would be so cute in a frame as a gift for someone.
I painted this mason jar with spring flowers on Facebook Live, Check out all the amazing paintings others have shared inside our painting group!! 😍I would love to see what word you chose to use.
Stay Creative! 

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