Painting Palette Knife Flowers!

Painting palette knife flowers is hands-down one of my favorite things to do! I could do a new version every single day! Seriously!  And it’s fast! Want a quick win and a lot of fun? You need to try this!

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Red Painting Palette Knife Flowers

A lot of people are scared of palette knife painting because it’s foreign and they haven’t done it before. Once you try it out you are not going to be able to stop! And the best part? You can do it with any paint that you already have at home!

Painting Palette Knife Flowers FB Live Tutorial

My preferred brand is Deco Art but you can use any craft paint or thicker acrylic paint. All you need to get started is a set of pallet knives or even a cheap plastic one from the store if you don’t want to spend a lot. So many options!

The thing I love most about the palette knife, especially while painting flowers, is how freeing and relaxing it is!

There is literally no right or wrong! Each flower is unique and does not have to have a specific shape.The fun part comes when you layer in all the additional colors. Turn your type A side to OFF and let that little creative kid that you have buried deep inside come out! I promise, you will have so much fun!

Texture of Painting Palette Knife Flowers The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

One of the most common questions I get asked is what color should I use? The answer is… Whatever color you want! Pick YOUR favorites!   

If you are making this to fit into a specific room in your house look around at some of the accent colors that you have in there and use that to design your painting!

I have done these in every color combination possible. Do something unexpected, different and exciting! Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone! Your brain and soul will thank you!

Flower Painting Tutorial Painting Palette Knife Flowers

These flowers look beautiful added onto wood signs or even frames. Palette knife flowers can be painted on canvas, wood, mixed media pads… Any surface will work! You have no limits! What are you going to paint on?!

If you want the paint to be even thicker and have more texture you can add Gel Medium

This is a transparent medium that you add to your paint to thicken it up. It does not change the color at all and really fun to work with! It comes in different finishes so you can choose if you want matte, gloss, or satin.

Painting Palette Knife Flowers Red with Black and White Stripe back The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Who is Pumped to try out Painting Palette Knife Flowers?

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Stay creative!