Pumpkins, Paints and Parties!

Fall is just around the corner! Well, kind of anyway!  My point is, it will be here before we know it! Right!? 😂
It’s the middle of July but next thing you know the kids are gonna be back in school and you turn around and it’s the middle of September!

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If you are an artist planning for upcoming parties, it happens fast! It happens to me every year it seems like! I have 1 million ideas saved and sketched and all of a sudden it’s September and I’m not ready!
This year I am already getting started on a few ideas for my upcoming season, and I have some fun and ones in store! 
However if you are ready for a fall painting and don’t want to have to come up with an idea on your own I have the perfect thing for you! 

Enter the Pumpkin Pallet Sign!

This is for everyone! You may be a newbie artist who has never picked up a paintbrush before or you may be hosting your own paint parties. Regardless of where you fit in, this workshop is for you! 
You guys are in for a treat and you are getting the best of both worlds with this workshop!  I am going to teach you my very first painting on a pallet board -Pumpkin with Sunflowers- and my good friend Heidi  is going to teach you how to host a paint party!
In this exclusive fall workshop I am going to walk you through how to paint this step-by-step, broken down into small sessions so it’s not overwhelming! 
In addition to that, you will get free access to my video where my husband and I show you how to build your very own pallet boards! 
Now, that is just what you are getting from me… 

My Friend



Texas Art and Soul

is joining me for this fun

Pumpkin Paint Party!

Heidi is the queen of teaching you how to be successful at your very own paint parties! Whether you have been doing them for a while or it’s something you would love to learn how to do to make a little extra money she is going to show you how! 
Below are just a few pictures from some of my pumpkin paint parties with this design! This would be an awesome way for you to make some extra money for Christmas spending! 

Host your own Pumpkin Paint Party!

Check out everything that you get in this fun Pumpkin Paint Party Workshop!

$20 and Includes:

  • Pop Up Facebook Group to Learn and Share 
  • Teaching Starts Aug 1st and Ends Aug 9th, but you will have access to the group from Aug 1st – Aug 31st.    
  • Trainings will be taught LIVE in the group!
  • Step-by-step Pumpkin on Pallet Online Paint Party
  • Exclusive Video on Supplies for your first Paint Party
  • Exclusive Video on How to Build Your Own Pallet
  • Rights to this design for Fall Paint Parties!
 Everyone loves pumpkins!  This painting is going to look so awesome in your home and if you do want to turn it into a pumpkin paint party you are going to have no problem filling your class!

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