Will You Join Us in Honduras?

We were changed. 

This past spring, we went on a mission trip to Honduras. Then we included my family of five as well as some friends. Some of those friends were Tribe Sisters! To say this trip changed us is an understatement. We went knowing we would be bringing help, love, and care to children in need. But what we got from them? Well, it was so much more than any of us expected! 

I shared details of our trip in this blog post. In it, I talked about the profound effect this trip and these children had on me. I summed it up with a quote I read on the t-shirt of one of the members of our team. It read, “I have seen, now I am responsible.”

Christie Hawkins, Daughter, and Children posing with smiling faces

I felt that quote in my bones. Once I had met these children and seen the challenges they faced, I felt a responsibility to help. But it was more than that. Because a responsibility sounds like a duty. Something you are obligated to do. And yes, I do feel a responsibility to these children. But I also feel privileged to be able to help. Spending time with them, loving on them, teaching them, and helping them was a privilege. Not just a duty. 

Mission Trip in Honduras - The Social Easel

These kids are in need. They’ve been orphaned for a number of reasons. The home we stayed at housed kids from about two to 18 years old. At 18, kids age out of this program and are on their own. 

The week we spent in Honduras with those sweet babies – big and small – changed me. I knew it was going to be important but never imagined what God would stir in my heart. 

As soon as we got back, we started talking about a return trip. We planned one for next spring, but the truth is I can’t wait. Next spring is simply too far away. So we’re heading back in November! Find details at the end of this post! 

Honduras Mission Trip 2022 - The Social Easel

I would love to have more Tribe Sisters join us for the trip in November. Sharing this God-filled time together had a profound impact on all of us. 

I invited some of the Tribe Sisters who went to Honduras with us to join me on Facebook to share their experiences. It’s my hope that hearing from them will inspire you to open your heart to the possibility that God is encouraging you to join us. You can watch our conversation HERE

Using your gifts. 

God has given each of us special gifts. Some of those gifts are obvious and others are quiet and harder to notice. But we all have them and God asks us to share those gifts with others. This mission trip allowed each of us to share our own special gifts with these beautiful children and the wonderful people who work to make a home for them. 

Tribe Sisters in Honduras_The Social Easel

I’m going to share a bit about three of the Tribe Sisters who came to Honduras with us and how each of them shared her gifts with the community. 

Diane’s story. 

Diane did not come by herself. She brought her 16-year-old daughter McKenzie who fit right in with my three daughters and my friend Stacy’s daughters. The girls had so much fun serving together and spending time with the children. 

When Diane first learned about the trip, she was afraid it was too late for her to join us. She had always wanted to go on a mission trip but it had never worked out. Of course, we all know God has a way of making things happen. The week we were going happened to line up perfectly with McKenzie’s spring break and Diane was able to raise the funds. 

Kasey Hope with Tribe Sisters on a Mission Trip in Honduras - The Social Easel

Diane was so excited to give back by sharing something she loves… art! 

It’s natural to be a bit apprehensive about doing something new, but Diane wants to reassure anyone considering going on a mission trip. She was so appreciative of all the work Johnny from Rice Bowls puts into planning these trips. He was there for us every step of the way, explaining immigration and customs and making sure we had all the correct documents. Everything ran incredibly smoothly. 

We talked about how different members of our group connected with different-aged children. Diane loved spending time with the teenage girls at the home and McKenzie LOVED the babies. And those babies loved her right back. She is known as the baby whisperer! 

Sorting Donations on Honduras Trip

Diane enjoyed engaging with kids who were the same ages as her own children but who have such a different experience of the world. It was incredibly rewarding for her to be able to give back to them. To give them some of the mothering they are missing in their lives. 

Diane’s eyes and heart were opened by these children, by this experience. She realized she wants to do more and needs to do more. She knows she is truly blessed and wants to give back. 

This trip changed Diane’s perspective. She knew she was going to Honduras to give to these children, but she was surprised by how the trip changed her and helped her grow. Diane’s message to anyone who may be nervous and unsure about what to expect from a trip like this is to just do it! Pray about it and then jump in! 

Traveling to our Honduras Mission Trip The Social Easel

Julie’s story.  

Julie had been on a mission trip, but it had been a long time. It was something that was on her heart to do again one day. Julie is a nurse and always planned to do medical missions when her son was grown. He’s 19, so when the opportunity to join our group for this trip came up, Julie’s son encouraged her to go. 

When Julie first heard about the trip, she thought it sounded like something she might want to do next year. Then she realized people were joining the trip and wondered if this was the time for her. She spent the weekend praying about it. 

Julie had her doubts. Going to Honduras with a group of strangers sounded a little bit nuts to her. Then she went to work on Monday and saw there was vacation time available that week. And she checked her bank account and realized that even if she wasn’t able to raise all the money she could still afford to go. 

As everything fell into place, Julie started to believe God truly wanted her to go. 

Children doing Art on Honduras Trip

Still, in order to feel comfortable, Julie needed to do her homework. She researched Rice Bowls and was super impressed by Johnny and everything she learned. Then she discovered that Good Shepherd Home is run by the Baptist Medical and Dental Mission Group. That’s when this changed from a possibility to an opportunity.

Julie was able to bring medical supplies with her and was able to meet with the nurse while we were there. She is considering going back on medical missions in the future. She’s open to whatever God has in store for her. 

One thing Julie knows for sure is that going on this mission trip with us was definitely what she was supposed to do. 

Sherry’s Story.

Sherry is a pediatric therapist and a Tribe Sister. When she first saw the information about the mission trip, she thought it sounded amazing but also thought she was too old to go. Happily, God helped change Sherry’s mind and she decided to come along. She raised the funds for her trip in a week and was on her way! 

Choose Love in Honduras with The Social Easel

When Sherry arrived at the home, she immediately fell in love with the little kiddos. She also discovered they had a gym that was not being used for their special needs children. She was able to work with some of the ladies and the older girls about helping the children there. 

Sherry is already committed to going back in November to help a little more with getting the gym arranged there and helping train a few more of the people to work with the children.

Sherry also gave us one of our favorite moments of the trip. Remember, she said she was worried that she was too old. 

The children at the home love to jump rope. Like really LOVE to jump rope. Well, it turns out Sherry was a double dutch champion about 55 years ago.

One afternoon, the children were playing on the playground and some started jumping rope. Sherry told the kids about her title and then got right in there and started jumping. The looks on the kids’ faces were priceless. Jaws dropped. The kids surrounded her, clapping and cheering, all in absolute awe of her. 

None of us will ever forget that moment. 

Christie and Kasey in Honduras

Sherry told us the trip opened her eyes and her heart to what she should be doing and being. Being with the children and serving the children changed her perspective. She wants you all to know that you should just jump in and do it even if you’re nervous or scared.  And if you come with us in November, I’m pretty sure you’ll get to watch a former double dutch champion show us all that she’s still got it! 

You may be wondering…

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the trips and wanted to answer them here in case you’re wondering about some of the same things. 

Where are we going? 

We are going to GSCH (Good Shepherd children’s home). It is located in the beautiful, lush mountains of the Zamorano Valley on 70 acres. It is about a 2-hour drive from the airport in Tegucigalpa and 20 minutes from the BMDMI mission home in Zamorano.

You can find out more about the Children’s home HERE.

When can I talk to my family back home? 

You will have the mornings and evenings that you can speak to family members via your phone. 

Do I have to be vaccinated?

Vaccinations are not required to travel to Honduras. We were required to have negative Covid tests on our last trip but all of that could change by November. 

Is there a lot of walking? Do I need to be in good shape to keep up?

The main walking is up and down the hill to and from the children’s school in the mornings if you choose to walk them to school and up to the church on Sunday morning. It is all on one piece of property with buildings close together. Nothing extensive or for long periods of time. There is always a bathroom close by 😉

How does fundraising for the trip work?

Once you are signed up for the trip with your $195 registration fee, a member from the Rice Bowls team will be emailing you and helping you set up your fundraising page so you can share it with your family, friends and church! We had women last time raise enough to cover their trip and then some that was able to go back to children’s needs! You never know what God can do! My best piece of advice? Don’t doubt him! If He is on our side, who can stand against us!

What will we actually be doing there?

Our main purpose while there on this particular trip is to do a 3-day art camp with the kids! I will be planning our projects and teaching while you are the helping hands for me and the children. The art camp typically takes place after lunch for 2-3 hours.

What does a typical day look like? 

We wake up around 6-7 am and meet the kids in the cafeteria for breakfast. (I love this time with the kids! They will be begging you to sit by them!) Next, we walk the younger kids down the hill to their school while the older ones learn in their casitas. While the kids are in school, we are working on getting things together and organized for the art camp and spending time together as a team at our house.

We meet the kids for lunch and then either have our art camp or free time to play with the kids after. The children have dinner in their casitas and we have an amazing dinner(I love their food!) back at our house that is prepared by the tias all day!

Group of people on a trip in Honduras posing together

We finish the day with a team meeting/devotional time and talk about our day. Then it’s bedtime. You will be shocked at how tired you are and ready for bed. I’m a night owl and I would spend some time on the porch for a bit because it is just so peaceful and wonderful out there. But I was still in bed by 9 or 9:30 which for me is a big deal! lol. I hope that gives you an idea of what it’s like! This time will be so special because we will be doing a Thanksgiving meal with them as well!

Sign up HERE

Christie and Family

Dates are Nov 19-25 Ages 10 to adult are welcome to come. 

Cost is $1995 per person and covers everything! Only $195 is required to hold your spot when you register

You do not need any experience in missions or art to go! 

This trip changed my life and changed my heart… for good. 

I am invested. I am responsible and I am forever changed by the love I experienced in Honduras. 

Will you join us in November?