Home Art Studio Storage Solutions

Get organized with these ten home art studio storage solutions!

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Christie in her disorganized home art studio

Whether art is your hobby, vocation, or career, it comes with a LOT of supplies! The brushes, paints, paint pens, canvases, mixed media pads, palettes… the list goes on and on! Our art brings us joy. It also brings with it a lot of “stuff.” And keeping all that stuff organized is an ongoing challenge. I’m here to help today with ten of my favorite home art studio storage solutions. 

acrylic containers dividing small art supplies in a drawer for my Home Art Studio Storage Solutions

Each of these solutions has served me well in my home art studio. And I’m putting so many of them to use in my new studio space, too. So whether you have a small corner where you paint or a room dedicated to your art, I know you’ll find solutions to some of your biggest organizational challenges. Because it’s not like we’re going to stop buying paints, brushes, and all the rest, right?! 

My Favorite Home Art Studio Storage Solutions

1. Mason Jars

Mason jars as a home art studio storage solution? Absolutely! We always have a lot of mason jars around the house because my husband Corey’s mom cans a lot of food and I love using them to store my paint brushes. . 

I tend to collect a lot of paint brushes which means I need a handy way to store them. A way that also allows me to find the right brush at the right time – quickly and easily. Mason jars are the perfect solution. Plus, I love the way they look! 

2. Clear Acrylic Drawers   

I store so many paint supplies in these clear acrylic drawers! You can find them on Amazon and I’ve also seen them at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. 

organized acrylic drawers with art supplies

I love them because they’re stackable and let me see exactly what’s inside! I like to store one type of supply per drawer. This helps me find what I need when I need it.

Paint markers in acrylic in a drawer Home Art Studio Storage Solutions

I have drawers for: 

3. Social Easel Paint Mug Set  

Every artist needs a water cup by her side while she paints. I love to choose a cute mug that makes me feel happy or inspired. Some of my favorites include special bible verses that remind me my art is a gift from God. 

Paint Water mug with paint brushes in my art studio

I also love using my Social Easel set! Two mugs are better than one – if you’ve ever mistaken your paint water for your morning coffee, I know you’ll agree! 

4. Rolling Cart  

A 3-tiered rolling cart is super handy to store all of your home art studio supplies, especially if you need to move your supplies around your house. 

I store 8-oz bottles of paint on the bottom shelf, 2-oz bottles of paint on the middle shelf, and Mason jars with brushes on the top. 

If you have a portable art studio set-up at home, a 3-tiered rolling art like this is the perfect way to make sure you have all the supplies you need wherever you choose to paint. 

drawer full of art supplies

5. Drawers 

Of course, any home art studio storage solution needs to include drawers! 

I have two 3-drawer cabinets with a counter-height table top that lays across them. I’m able to store SO MUCH in these drawers. 

acrylic containers dividing small art supplies in a drawer for my Home Art Studio Storage Solutions

Again, it’s important for each drawer to have specific items that are stored in it. Inside the skinny top drawers, I have acrylic dividers that let me keep my pencils, erasers, foam paint brushes, and extra pallet paper organized. 

top coats and mixing mediums in a desk drawer

In one of the deeper drawers, I keep my extra additives and mediums. I also have a drawer for all of my stencils and another with scrap paper and mixed media supplies. 

Another option is to get a set of plastic drawers and slide them under just about any table. 

decoart paint on a white wall shelf Home Art Studio Storage Solutions

6. Shelves for 2-oz Paint Bottles 

This is a great solution if you have a dedicated art room and it’s one of my favorite storage solutions. Looking up and seeing all my paints arranged by shade inspires me! 

Home Art Studio Paint bottle storage on my long white wall shelf

Corey made these shelves for me by nailing together 1×2 strips of wood and attaching them to the wall with screws. I had him leave a good amount of space above the top shelf where I store all my favorite colors of acrylic tube paints. 

7. Hooks for Tube Paints

Speaking of tube paints, I have another storage solution especially for them. This isn’t one I use in my home art studio, but I’d love to! 

Paint lined up on a white wall shelf

This is a great one to try if you have a peg board or another type of wallcovering you could put hooks into. Acrylic tube paints have small holes at the skinny end of the tubes. These holes fit perfectly onto hooks where they can be stored and displayed neatly. Again, helping you find the paint you want when you want it! 

8. Storage Cubes or Tubs

Storage cubes or tubs that slide underneath a desk or table are the perfect place to store all kinds of art supplies. 

Christie's Home Art Studio

It’s important that you know what’s inside these tubs to save you from searching around for supplies when you need them. Either choose clear tubs or label them with the contents. 

9. Charger and Extension Cord

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds myself searching for a charger regularly. Keep one in your studio to charge your devices, especially if you film yourself painting or take pictures of your paintings. 

I like to keep an extension cord in my studio as well. This is especially handy to plug in the lights I use when I’m painting or filming. 

Christie's organized home art studio

10. Shelves for Canvases/Painting Surfaces 

Last but not least are the shelves where I store my canvases and other painting surfaces. Keeping them organized like this lets me know what surfaces I have available to me in what sizes and when it’s time to buy more! 

I hope these home art studio storage solutions help you organize your art space! 

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Stay creative and happy painting!

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