Using Your Art to Reach Others

Discover ways you can use your art to reach others, spreading love like wildflowers.

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Christie Hawkins teaching how to paint a blue pumpkin in front of a ring light

Painting gives so much to us. When I sit down to paint, it fills me with a mixture of excitement and peace. I’m excited about the journey I’m about to embark on with my painting and filled with peace knowing this is my time to nurture the artist in me and just enjoy the process.

We often talk inside Christie’s Inner Tribe about all that painting brings to our lives. And I LOVE that about what I do. I love being able to teach you to discover your inner artist and all the benefits painting can bring to your life and your health. 

Christie Hawkins sitting at a table speaking with two women

But today I want to talk about how you can use your art to reach other people. Because part of being a good steward of the gifts God has given us is sharing them with others.  There are so many ways we can spread the joy of art and use our art to enrich other people’s lives.  The seemingly simple gesture of giving someone a piece of art you made with your own creativity can have a huge ripple effect

Spread love with happy mail.

One of my favorite ways to spread love with art is by sending happy mail! We do this inside Christie’s Inner Tribe to celebrate, encourage, and just show love to our Tribe Sisters. You can do something similar for people in your life or community.

Facebook comment made by Charlene "Thank your so much Angela for the beautiful card. Happy mail is a great name... this def made me happy. Have a fantastic day!!!" along with an image of painted roses
Happy Mail sent to Tribe Sister Charlene

Simply buy some 4×6 or 5×7 pieces of cardstock or watercolor notecards and paint a small painting on them. Then mail them off to make someone’s day (after they’ve dried completely, of course). I love sending happy mail any time of the year. 

Facebook comment made by Stefanie "My Happy Mail came in today. Thank you Helen! These are beautiful. I am so very thankful for this group. It was something that I have needed in my life. I've been praying a long time for a tribe of women that I could relate to and feel comfortable with, I have not shared a lot, but I am trying to fight some fears and mindsets. I always enjoy drawing and painting, but I haven't for many years"
Happy Mail sent to Tribe Sister Stefanie

You can create your own “happy mail” and send your paintings as cards to your friends and family. Consider brightening the day of a stranger or member of your community by surprising them with a card that includes a message of encouragement or gratitude. 

Facebook comment by Linda along with images of beach and owl paintings " HAPPY MAIL!! Thank you so much Toni. I absolutely loved getting my mail today... My morning hasn't gone the way I hoped and this was the "picker upper" I needed. It's absolutely gorgeous too!!! Your kind words are very special to me as well!!! Thank you Sister!!

Take this idea further and make your own Christmas cards. Choose one of your favorite paintings, take a good photo of it and send it to a company like VistaPrint and you’ll have your own, custom Christmas cards this year. How special would that be?! 

Facebook comment by Lynn paired with 4 paintings of birds, flowers, and "Lynn" lettering. "I've received som Happy Mail over the past week, and it's making this tired Mama's day so much brighter! Thank you ladies for your beautiful notes! They are putting the biggest smiles on my face! This was such a great idea for us to do!!!"

Gift your paintings to friends and family. 

So many women inside both The Painting of the Month Club and Christie’s Inner Tribe take their extra paintings and gift them to people who they know would love and appreciate them. When one woman who attended my Funky Summer Flowers Party finished her painting, her granddaughter loved it so much that she asked if she could have it for her new apartment. Of course, her grandmother said yes. That made the artist’s day as well as her granddaughter’s!

Get inspired by these Tribe Sisters. 

As always, my Tribe Sisters amaze me with their creativity and generosity. They not only work to grow as artists with me every month, but they also take their talents and spread love throughout their families, neighborhoods, and communities. I’m so proud of them and hope you’ll be inspired by some of the ways they use their art to reach others. 

My husband’s Aunt Lucille volunteered for the American Legion and other veteran organizations. She loved poppies. I was going to paint her the poppies painting, but unfortunately, she passed away before I was able to. Instead, I painted the picture of poppies for each of her four daughters and her sister in memory of Lucille. They were all very touched.

Charlene, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member
Charlene and friends holding their paintings of Poppies_Using Your Art to Reach Others_The Social Easel

I’ve used paint parties to raise money to send kids to church camp. I did four this summer, and everyone loved them!

Mindy, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member
A group of women posing together with their Americana Bicycle paintings

I raised money by donating a couple of pieces of my works to raise money for “The Children’s Miracle Network.” My two paintings raised over $300 for CMN!

Christina, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member

I use it in teaching the children and youth at church once a month.

Kathleen, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member

I have four assisted living facilities where I paint with the residents. They love it and ask when I am coming back.

Debbie, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member
Two women posting together with a poppy painting_Using your art to reach others

I have designed the ornament for our son’s day program for adults with special/different needs for the last two years. I hand paint the design and they turn it into a glass ornament. The ornament is a fundraiser for them. Last year they raised over $5000 from the ornaments!

Tammy, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member
Blue ornament painted with a winter gnome holding a gift

I volunteer to paint monthly with an organization in Nashville that rescues women from sex trafficking. I use a lot of Christie’s designs!

Debbie, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member
Woman painting a vibrant sunflower

In Dallas, there is a restaurant that brings kids out of the juvenile justice system and teaches them job skills, helps them complete their education, etc. A few weeks ago, I took a group of friends down there for dinner so they could learn more about it. When I called to see if we could get a tour before dinner, they asked if we would also like to do a project of some kind with their students – to interact with them and get to know them a little better before our tour.

We jumped at the chance!! We painted canvases with abstract backgrounds, then lettered a word – attitude/character quality – they would like to incorporate into their lives. ALL of us participated so it didn’t feel like we were just watching them. Sitting down and doing art together got everyone talking and it was such a fabulous experience, they have asked us to come back.

Jennie, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member

I lead a paint morning for my church Women’s Ministry called Paint2Praise, and usually add a quick devotion. It’s a fun and affordable way for women to get together.

Claudette, Christie’s Inner Tribe Member
group of women standing together and holding their pumpkin paintings_Using Your Art to Reach Others

How can you spread love through your art?  

When you use your art to reach others, you benefit from it, too. There is a special type of happiness that comes from sharing the joy of the recipient of your gift. And when the focus is on bringing a smile to someone else’s face, it takes it off us as individuals and our perfectionism.  

Children doing Art on Honduras Trip

What are some ways you can think of to share joy through your art? 

One of my favorite paintings to share with others is Spread Love Like Wildflowers. I painted this as a fundraiser for our recent mission trip to Honduras. Read about it HERE

Christie Hawkins in a pink shirt leaning up agains a blue door while holding a colorful painting of a girl in wildflowers

I’m offering you a special opportunity to purchase the Spread Love Like Wildflowers tutorial and share it with someone special! This painting and its message truly bring light and peace to all who paint it and receive it. Get the tutorial HERE. 

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Stay creative and happy painting!