Repurposing an Old Painting

Have you ever had an old piece of art that you just want to paint over or change something on? 
Recently I was going through some of my older paintings and came across one that I love the basic idea of but it was missing something and not completely in my style.
It was my painting of a close-up of a bicycle with a flower basket. I can remember when I painted it, there was something just lacking about the background.

The Original Painting

Over the past year I’ve started really working with pallet knives in my paintings and love the style and texture that it gives.
I decided to just go for it. Instead of starting all over from scratch, I grabbed some paint and a palette knife and just started changing up my previous painting.
There was something about it that was so freeing!! I felt like there were no rules. I could turn this into whatever I wanted to. As I was working on it, new ideas would pop in my head and I’d just go for it. I ended up completely redoing the style of the painting!

I am so happy with the results! It totally fits my style and is going to look awesome in my home!

My Newly Transformed Painting!

So, what is the reason I share this with you? As an artist sometimes we can put ourselves inside of the box and forget to just have fun and be creative. Maybe you have something that’s been bothering you about a previous piece of work or maybe this will just teach you to just let loose and have fun creating because you might really enjoy the process and be thrilled with your end result! 
Just remember as an artist, which we all are in our own way, you have to continue to explore and change! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Just go for it and enjoy the happy little accidents along the way!
I took an old painting that was put away in storage and turned it into something fresh that is now going up on my wall! 

My original inspiration from my trip to Amsterdam with my mom three years ago!

I can’t wait to teach this and all the new techniques in an upcoming local class as well as a floral four week Boot Camp that I am getting ready to start!
Check out the final painting below with a basic frame around it. Frames can really set a painting off! I’ll talk about that in another upcoming blog post! 

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