Find Painting Inspiration Everywhere!

I am always painting or thinking about what I will paint next! People often ask me how I come up with fresh ideas. The truth is, I find painting inspiration in so many different things!

For mother’s day, I received a gift from my mom wrapped in this adorable wrapping paper. I loved the paper so much that I kept it! I took her to Paris a few years ago, and the wrapping paper reminded me of all those beautiful memories. 

While we were in Paris, my mother and I took an art class where we learned how to do quick sketching. As a part of the class we would go around the parks, and in about 15 minutes, we had to draw as much of a scene as possible. I had to embrace the messy lines. Learning this was very freeing and helped me break from perfectionist tendencies.
Inspired by the gift wrap, I began playing around with a few ideas of Paris, just doodling on my mixed media pad. I used the wrapping paper, and another painting of Paris I own as inspiration. I combined all my favorite things and turned them into a composition.

Creating a quick sketch like this is something you can do when you are looking for painting inspiration. It’s a lot of fun, and I think it would be an excellent thing for you all to practice. 

Remember to embrace the messiness! It’s a fast fun sketch and the imperfections give your work character.

You can use one or two things you love. If you are thinking of a specific item you want to paint, look up a bunch of images and pull the parts you like from each to make it your own drawing.

Because I made this sketch on my mixed media pad, I can paint it, of course! If you have seen my blogs Painting with Acrylic Paints Like Watercolors and How to Draw and Paint a Mason Jar With Spring Flowers, I am using the same painting technique on this Paris scene.
This style of painting isn’t perfect, kinda messy, and relaxing. I love it, especially for painting my sketch work!
In the video tutorial below, you can see how with just a little inspiration, I turned my doodle into this painting of Paris in Spring.

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The best thing to do when learning how to paint is to just play around and learn what you like.

You can find painting inspiration anywhere! This started out as a doodle, just playing around, and now it is a painting. I hope you try it out!

Stay Creative! 

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