My First Time Creating Glass Mixed Media Art with a Resin Pour

Have you ever wanted to do resin on a piece of art, but it intimidated you? 

I love the look of the shiny gloss finish. It just looks expensive and classy to me. One of my good friends Cindi with Art Shattered, teaches women how to do resin and glass art! 

Thankfully, she happens to be one of my business besties, and on our last trip to Florida a few weeks ago, she brought all her supplies and showed all of us creative girls how to do it! 

The best part? It’s way easier than you think! 

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Business Bestie's Resin Pour Mixed Media Art The Social Easel

I have literally been putting this off for years out of fear. And yes, I know, I tell you guys not to do that all the time. I was so scared of messing up my artwork and not being able to fix it that it stopped me from trying. 

Guess what? Now that I’ve done it, I wish I would’ve started a long long time ago! Just like with everything else, it’s not as intimidating as I thought it was.

We started with all creating our pieces of art. I chose to do some neutral tones with a pumpkin. I want to add more of that color scheme into my fall decor. 

Christie's Glass Mixed Media Art with Resin Poor The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Once we finished our paintings, we let them dry completely. The next step was adding all of the fun glass pieces and shells. You can get so creative with this and add anything you want!

Seahorse painting The Social Easel
Pumpkin Painting with Glass Mixed Media

Adding all those extra elements on top of my painting was my favorite part, and it’s honestly hard to stop. You know I had to add some gold glass flecks in there too!

Glass Mixed Media Art with Resin Poor The Social Easel Online Paint Studio
Christmas Tree Glass Mixed Media Art with Resin Poor The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Once you have everything exactly where you want it, then it’s time to pour the resin. Resin has to be mixed precisely according to the instructions. If you don’t do it correctly, it will not dry appropriately or give you that smooth glass-like finish.

Glass Mixed Media Art with Resin Poor with friends The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

To prep for the resin pour, we propped our art up on blocks over a vessel to catch any drips. Then, we drizzled the resin over all of our pieces. You need way less than what you would think!

Once you have completed covering your artwork in resin, clean up all the drips along the sides. Then let it dry. That’s it. 

Resin Poor over Canvas Art The Social Easel Online Paint Studio
Friends Resin Pour Over Canvas Art The Social Easel

You want to let it sit for at least 12 hours before touching it, so be sure to put it in a safe place where no one can knock into it, and no bugs can fly into it. Lol. 

I am absolutely in love with my first resin piece of art, and I cannot wait to incorporate it into some of my pieces! I put some pictures down below so you can see everyone’s work and how different and unique each one is! 

Seahorse Painting with glass and resin the social easel
Pumpkin painting with resin pour the social easel

We were all so impressed with ourselves! LOL. We are a bunch of creatives who were scared to do something new, and then once we did, we realized how much fun we could have with it.

Art Shattered Resin Poor The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

If you want to learn more about glass art and resin, be sure to follow my friend Cindi at Art Shattered! You can get her free glass and resin art class here. Be sure to tell her Christie sent you! 

I can’t wait to use resin in my art more. Have so much fun jumping in and trying something new! And I promise… You do not have to be scared. 

You can do this!

Finished Glass Mixed Media Art with Resin Poor The Social Easel Online Paint Studio