Give the Gift of Art this Christmas

Discover ways to give the gift of art this Christmas. Art truly is the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

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There is so much to love about Christmas! The lights, trees, and decorations. Creating fun crafts with friends and family. Getting cozy under a warm blanket and sipping cocoa. Ahhh… And of course, the shopper in me LOVES finding the perfect gift for those nearest and dearest to me. 

But… Sometimes coming up with the perfect gift idea can be difficult. If you’re anything like me, the best part of giving a gift is watching for that smile. That oh my goodness how did you know that’s exactly what I wanted?! smile. That gasp that means the receiver knows just how much of you went into that gift. 

Give a Gift Kids Holiday Art Camp

Being that kind of gift giver takes practice. It takes time. And it takes heart.    

Kids are pretty easy. My girls have their lists made out weeks and sometimes even months in advance. Husbands are usually pretty easy, too. But we all have that ONE person or couple on our list that quite literally has EVERYTHING.

How to Build a Pallet Board for Painting

Those are the people who challenge us. Those people who have all the latest fads and technologies and buy whatever they want all through the year. What do you get THAT person?

Giving the gift of your art. 

Consider giving the gift of art. Your own art. 

When you give one of your paintings to a loved one, you’re giving that person a piece of you. When you paint, you create with more than just your eyes and your fingers. You create with your heart. 

And when you gift one of your paintings, you’re not only giving someone a beautiful painting to enjoy, you’re also showing them in a very special way just how much they mean to you. That painting will be a reminder to them – every day – of how much they mean to you. And what better gift can you give? 

I can hear some of you saying, “My paintings aren’t good enough.” 

Two women posting together with a poppy painting_Using your art to reach others

Inside my private painting membership, Christie’s Inner Tribe, we talk a LOT about fighting against those feelings of perfectionism. Fighting fear and rejecting the idea that we’re not good enough. 

You are good enough. You’re more than good enough. And so is your art. Someone who loves you will be proud to display one of your original paintings.

Give a Gift Christmas Painting Tutorials Gingerbread House

Giving to the artist on your list 

Do you have an artist on your gift-buying list this year? Or someone who needs a little nudge to discover their inner artist? Maybe you know someone who used to love to paint and create but who hasn’t made time for it in a long time. 

Art gives so much to those who practice it. I wrote a blog post earlier this year describing five ways art benefits our mental health. You can read it here. My art has helped me manage anxiety and depression for years. The act of creating helps me manage stress and worry. It brings me peace and joy. 

Consider encouraging someone you love to find those same benefits through art. It can be as easy as wrapping up a set of paintbrushes, some acrylic paints,  and a mixed media pad.  

In this recent blog post, I shared all of my favorite gift ideas for artists. They are perfect for experienced artists – we all LOVE to get new art supplies anytime – and beginners.

Things like my new Starter Kit are perfect for new artists. It contains everything they need to start creating right away! I have so many Christmas gift ideas for artists that paint! Hop on over to my online shop and my Amazon Store and go through all my lists to see more items I use and love.

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our savior. It’s about sharing special moments with those we love most. It’s about the joy of giving – especially those gifts that come from our hearts. I hope you’ll give the gift of art to your loved ones this year.

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Stay creative and happy painting!

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