Fun and Funky Watercolor Pineapple Painting Tutorial

Learn how to paint a fun and funky watercolor pineapple as part of my summer fruit painting series.

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two pineapple paintings on the desk How to paint a Watercolor Pineapple

Pineapples say summer. They also say fun! There’s something about the shape of a pineapple that reminds me of a party waiting to happen. Maybe it’s the spiky leaves sticking out of the top or just knowing that inside that rough exterior is so much sweetness waiting to be discovered. 

Pineapples aren’t just fun to eat. They are so much fun to paint! I knew I had to make one part of my summer painting series. But this isn’t just an ordinary pineapple. We’re going to go a little bit crazy with the colors and techniques we use. We’re keeping it loose, getting a little messy, and having a LOT of fun! 

painting a Funky Watercolor Pineapple

How to Paint a Watercolor Pineapple. 

Let’s get started. 

The first thing we’re going to do is use our artist’s tape to create a white border around the edges of our painting. This way, if you want to frame it later, it’s ready to go! 

I’m using my favorite watercolor set for this painting. I love it because it’s portable and comes with so many colors! You know I love mixing and creating my own shades, but this comes with 36 colors ready to paint with. 

I’m also going to use one of my new brushes – I’ll be using the small rectangle brush for the entire painting! Have you ordered a set of The Social Easel brushes yet? These are the special brushes I designed specifically for The Social Easel. You can get a set from the online shop.

We’re going to start by using a pencil to lightly sketch an oval-ish shape for the body of the pineapple. 

Now, to start on the base of the pineapple, I’m using red to loosely paint diamond-like shapes. I don’t want them to be too perfect – keep it loose and messy. Make sure to keep some white space between your diamonds. Paint quickly – remember,  this should be loose and messy! 

painting the orange triangles for a watercolor pineapple

Tip: You can change the vibrancy of a color by adding more or less water. 

For the table, I’m starting with blue. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. Go in all different directions with your brush to create a variety of brushstrokes. I’m adding some red and purple to the table – I love how these colors work together. 

Funky Watercolor Pineapple painted in a mixed media pad on a desk

It’s time to start filling in the space between the red diamonds with bring pink. I’m also bringing in some orange. 

For the pineapple, we’re using nice, warm colors that all work and blend well together. You can’t mess up! I’m using darker, warmer colors on the lower left side of the pineapple to create depth. 

close up of the base of the Funky Watercolor Pineapple

Next, I’m going over some of the diamond shapes with a yellow that gives them a sort of transparent feel. So pretty! 

It’s time to add some of this bright, almost neon yellow to the upper right side of the pineapple and fill in some of the white spots with lines of this fun lime green color. Let’s bring in some hot pink to outline some of the diamond shapes and make them more pronounced. 

vibrant neon colors painted in a watercolor pineapple

Tip: When you’re working on something fun and crazy like this painting, put on some fun, fast, funky music and paint to the beat of the music! 

Bring some of the colors you used on the pineapple down to the table. 

Now it’s time for the leaves or spikes of the pineapple. It’s time to get a little crazy. 

Use deep blues to start and paint spikes in a variety of lengths and widths going in different directions. I’m using the side of my brush here. Add some neon-ish green spikes and a little purple at the bottom of the spikes to really make them come alive. 

two watercolor pineapple paintings on the art desk one set inside a frame

It’s time for the background. Here you have some choices. You can leave it as is to go with a white background, you can paint the background a different color altogether, or you can do what I did here and have some fun with a splatter background. 

Simply gather paint on your brush, tap it on the back of your hand, and let the splatters go where they want! 

funky watercolor pineapple painting with black accent marks

Let your painting dry for a bit and then remove the tape. I decided to add some scribbles with black artist’s pens. Scribbles on the table and around the outline of the pineapple add a little bit of interest and more fun! 

Watch the full watercolor pineapple tutorial here. 

How fun did this turn out?! I hope you had as much fun painting this fun and funky pineapple as I did! 

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Stay creative and happy painting!

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Some of my favorite supplies used for this funky watercolor pineapple painting tutorial:

Funky watercolor pineapple painting in a gold frame staged on my kitchen counter with black and white check jars

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