Spring Floral Bootcamp

You guys, I am so excited about this!
I did a winter Boot Camp and it was amazing and the students grew and learned so much! It was so exciting to watch them transform over that span of time.
This Spring Floral Boot Camp is going to be so much fun! If you follow me you can probably tell that I love florals! I can paint flowers every single day!! All styles. All colors. All textures. Any type of flower… I love it! This Boot Camp is going to be an in-depth study with me over the span of four weeks. You are going to get eight lessons in total for over six hours of video material. You can see the four unique floral paintings you will learn below. You are going to finish Boot Camp with four full paintings and through each one you will learn new painting techniques.  

Abstract Flowers

The number one question I get is, ‘Do you have to have experience?’ and the answer is no! No experience at all! I have taught thousands of students over the last five years how to paint who have never picked up a paintbrush before! If that is you then this course is for you. Even if you have painted before and you just love flowers as much as I do, you are going to love this course!
The four week course that includes eight lessons is only $127! That is a steal for what you are getting and the best part is that you gain lifetime access to these videos. So even if you can’t complete them in that four week span of time you can go back to these videos whenever you want to!!
How cool is that!??

Parisian Flowers

What you Want to Know

So here are the details. Boot Camp begins on Monday, May 13! 
Just in time for Mother’s Day I might add! This is an amazing gift for any mom out there who loves painting!
All the fun is going to happen inside our private Facebook group! This is where all the videos will be and also where your amazing, supportive community is going to be.
I will post mini lessons every Monday. These lessons are technique videos to help you master the techniques we will use in the painting each week.
I will post live painting tutorials each Thursday morning! This is where I walk you step-by-step through how to make each painting.
At the end of each week I will email you links to the videos. 
Inside the group is also where you are going to share your work in progress with others in the community. This is also where you can post your progress and ask for help if needed! You get me as a personal art teacher for four weeks!

Spring Bicycle with Flowers


After you sign up for the Boot Camp you will receive an email with your supply list and paint color list! This will also be posted inside the Facebook group! 
You don’t need much to get started! Be sure to jump over to my other blog post about my must have supplies to see the basics that you will need!

Mason Jar with Sunflowers

I am so excited about this spring floral journey that we are getting ready to go on and I can’t wait to be your art instructor!

You are going to walk away from this Boot Camp with a new found confidence and love for creating!

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