I’m so excited that you joined The Social Easel Online Paint Studio and my Inner Tribe!

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  1. Glad to have you all here! Leave a comment below and let me know you’ve been here and what you like most about the site!


      hey there. I purchased the $10.00 truck with christmas tree thinking I would be taught how to do tree. Can I find out how to do that somewhere?

      1. There is a live video on my page from last year showing you how. I actually just posted one yesterday also that shows how to do those trees. 🙂

    2. Janice Lopez

      Hi. Everyone I just joined and I love all the knowledge of painting you have here especially the videos and tutorials.

    3. Charlene Lyon

      Excited to be part of the group!

  2. Connie Terry

    Love that there is this option and so many choices to keep practicing

    1. Gloria McGhee

      I’m here! I love the fact that all tutorials are in one place.

  3. Jennifer Smith

    Love this Tribe!!

  4. Lynette Beighle

    Love this group #Summerchallenge??

  5. Carla Haggard

    The first painting I did with you was a Folk Art tree, not the Halloween themed, although I plan on doing the Halloween tree. Have you done a winter folk art tree? I have been hooked on painting since then when I realized I can do it without numbers! ? Thank you for sharing your craft snd encouraging us to keep trying.

  6. debk0406


    This site is easy to get around and nicely organized. ?

  7. Tish Mcgee

    I am truly blessed to have been introduced to painting by Christie. The techniques and friendship are something I look forward to everyday. Thank you Christie for being such a big influence on my life. #summerchallenge

  8. Marcia Early

    Just a quick “Thank You” for all the lessons and knowledge you provide for The Tribe. Looking forward to completing some of the fabulous paintings and having some new decor for the house! Appreciate you!!!

  9. Lisa France

    Hi Christie,

    Is this where I leave the comment for the #summerchallenge? Even if it isn’t, I like the way the site is arranged. It’s very easy to use and find the things you are looking for..

    Lisa France

  10. Sherry Johnson Kilpatrick

    This is the first time I have seen this site. Very well put together.

  11. rhoads_pb3

    I am here to leave a comment for the #summerchallenge. I hope this is the right place. I hope to be able to start painting again soon. I did the watering cans but haven’t been able to do more since.

  12. Theresa Pilant

    Love all the information available at any time

  13. Theresa Pilant

    Love everything the tutorials, paintings and wonderful people in the group

  14. Brenda Ludke

    I am not sure I am on the new website. I have sent messages on messenger to you about not seeing the whole vault of paintings. Does it start with flowers in a vase and end with american bicycle? I thought there were more when I first signed up in May. I watched your video on facebook for the new site. And I don’t see the same layout as your video? Am I doing something wrong? I can click on each tutorial maybe get one or more tutorials. But I don’t see the same link of top of the website to get more like you had in your video?

  15. Jane Duncan

    Really enjoying the variety of paintings and extra attention to technique. #summerchallenge

  16. DeAnne Manley

    I am really enjoying being a part of this group with all our inspiring artists. Christie is a fantastic teacher and I really love her fun casual approach to painting. This website page is great too. Very easy to navigate and actually find what you are looking for. Thank you Christie for helping all of us find a love for painting.

  17. Carla Haggard

    I am so happy to be a member of a group of very talented and motivated people. #summerchallenge

  18. Loana Evans

    I am so glad I am part of Christie’s Inner Tribe. I lead a very busy life, have little time for myself. What I like the most is I can paint at my won pace, Christie makes it so easy to follow along. When I do the on line painting, it helps me relax and have my time alone, which I think we all need. # summer challenge

  19. tjsain

    I am so glad my sister introduced me to this wonderful site and Christie’s teaching. It came at a perfect time in my life, when I needed something positive to focus on. I really enjoy the learning and painting, but I also enjoy interacting with the members of the tribe and seeing their beautiful work. #summerchallenge

  20. Dianne Siewert

    Christie is there a way I can check on the past painting projects I have posted so I can determine any I might post for the #summer Challenge. I will keep better records going forward. Thank you. Dianne

  21. Cynthia Goad

    #summerchallenge I think it will be better to go in here instead of all on FB

  22. Lynette Bonham

    Christie thank you so much for everything. I am so excited to be part of the sister tribe. Everyone is so sweet and friendly.

  23. Andrea Tiller

    Hello. So excited for the Sister Tribe.

  24. Sara Davis

    I’ve been a member of The Tribe for several months and have enjoyed it so much. Christie is a great teacher and loves doing what she does. I look forward to each new month for what our next projects are. #summerchallenge


    I joined Christie’s Inner Tribe in March of 2019 after doing the spring truck challenge and have not looked back. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so much from her. I love her heart and passion not just for painting but always giving God the Glory. Thank you Christie for all you put into the tribe to make it such a great group to be apart of. Looking forward to all you have in store for the upcoming months..#summerchallenge

  26. Naomi Martin

    New member here, joined after completing the Pumpkin Pallet Workshop. So excited to be here and learn more!

  27. Rebecca Davis

    I love Christie’s online tribe! I’ve been a member since she first launched the online tribe and it’s been incredible! I have learned so much from Christie. She shares invaluable techniques and skills that you get for a great price. The growth that I have seen in myself makes me feel like I can achieve my goals of becoming more than just a budding artist. I love the community that we have here of encouraging other artists. There is no judgment, just cheerleaders that keep each other going, Thank you, Christie for all you have done and continue to do for us in the tribe!

  28. Dianne Siewert

    I joined the social easel online paint studio inner tribe about a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the association with this group and the dedicated instruction provided by Christie. I wanted to learn how to draw and paint without relying on a detailed pattern. She has helped me compose the basics of the painting by visualize common shapes and dimensions of objects. I still have a great deal to learn and hopefully to improve. Her paintings are timeless but also trendy and each one I find I am eager to paint. I appreciate her motivation and encouragement along the way. Her feedback has been very instrumental in my continued journey. She is always positive and upbeat.which makes the painting and learning very enjoyable. I also appreciate the association with so many other members of the tribe community. I was able to attend an event by Tamara and was able to paint along with Christie and was glad to meet her. Thank you for all you do!

  29. Lynette Beighle

    I have so enjoyed painting! I’m amazed at what I have been able to create, also how relaxing it is! Time just passes so quickly, in the most beautiful way. ?‍?❤️?‍?

  30. Audrey Snow

    Hi, I just signed up. Your website is very organized and easy to navigate. Everything is right at my fingertips.

  31. Linda Stuart

    Hey y’all, I have been watching Christie online and I thought I could really learn alot from her, and boy was I right. With all the encouragement from tribe and Christie as well I now have the confidence to do something I truly love. Painting with this group has really brought me great joy, and the bonus is I get to share it with my 14 grands. ? #tribeSisters

  32. Patricia Lomonaco

    Hi, I am so grateful for this group of women. So many nice people. I have finally found my place with like minded people. Big thanks to Christie and Heidi for all they do and in bringing us all together. It’s fantastic. I’m loving every minute of it. However, I have learned that I am not as good on the computer as I thought. I feel frustrated and inept. for one I love all the pictures everyone posts of their beautiful art work. I have not figured how to do that quite yet. I am work in progress I guess. lol I have searched high and low on both sites and cannot find the pumpkin paint pallet party videos to complete my project. I had to leave to California for two deaths in my family. So I was unable to finish it. I want to be able to join the group for the chapel event but again I will be missing two of the days of it for yet another funeral I must attend. I have lost three family members this month. I really want to be a part of it but I just need to know how to access the videos of the part I will be unable to finish. On another note while going through techniques and mini videos on Christie’s inner tribe it requires a password to view them. Do I need to purchase something more to access them? Sorry for the long post. I appreciate any help. Much love Trish


    I just joined and can’t wait to get started tonight.

  34. Carla Haggard

    Hello mrs. Christie this is Amy Haggard I am Carla’s daughter, I am using my mom’s tablet to let you know that I really enjoyed getting to meet you and painting with you tonight with the Kansas City chiefs sign tonight. I hope to paint with you again sometime. I really truly enjoyed myself. Thank You very much.

    Amy Haggard

  35. Jo Ann Bryant

    Hi, I am a member and would like to know why I can’t access the Sunflower tutorial ? I have watched it once …. so do you only have access only once ?? Thanks

  36. Jo Ann Bryant

    Hi I can access all the tutorials except for 3 ….Sunflower, Hydrangeas and Monerts … I sure would like to paint the first 2. Anyone else have this problem??

  37. Lara Louderback

    Hi. If I sell a painting to a boutique in my town & they resell it in their store, can they put the painting on their Facebook page to sell? It’s the Truck full of pumpkins, Thankful, Nativity Scene, & Santa paintings. Thank you

  38. Sheryl Morrow

    Hi all,
    Looks like I here. I’m excited

  39. Sue Hall

    Hi, I ordered the nativity scene and probably will not paint it for awhile. Just wanted to have it in case it wasn’t available later. I hope to get more involved when things slow down. I have not accessed the nativity and do not remember how. Love following you and seeing what everyone is doing. I remember the nativity is able to be viewed from now on just felt I should go ahead and look at it and make I can anytime.

  40. Michelle Komisor

    I just joined the Inner Tribe so I can learn better techniques to help me teach my Paint Nights better! I’m so excited to be here.

  41. Cynthia Laughlin

    I just recently joined The Inner Tribe after watching many of the videos on The Social Easel by Christie. I have always wanted to learn to paint and she makes it look so easy. So I decided to jump right in. Just saying I am excited is an understatement.

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