Reopened for a limited time!

Are you looking for something fun and creative for your kids this summer !?

Look no further!
All the fun is happening now!

Due to high demand I have decided to reopen my Kids Summer Art Camp! This is your last chance to get these paintings in a bundle deal!

From now until August 1st you can purchase the art camp to do with your kids or students anytime you choose!! All the videos are up and ready in our private Facebook group along with templates! You will also have an email with all the videos, color lists and templates sent right to you! But…this is only open for a limited time!

There are still several weeks of hot summer days left so grab these paintings and get to creating! You have lifetime access so you don’t have to feel rushed to get through them! You could even save them for kids parties or next summer! 

What are you waiting for?!

Grab your kids the gift of art before it’s too late!

our facebook group has all the videos ready for you!

we already have a great group of kids in there showing off all their awesome artwork!


I am guessing if you are here, you most likely have a child that you are looking to entertain this summer! As a mom of 3 girls, I completely understand! Summer is awesome but it can get exhausting as a mom trying to figure out how to keep our kids happy and engaged! 

By now you are probably ready for a break away from the heat! 

With the Kids Summer ART Camp, your kids are going learn, grow and expand their artistic ability! 

They are going to walk away from this art camp with a newfound confidence in themselves and what they are capable of! They are going to have so much fun learning about color, painting techniques and more! 

My name is Christie Hawkins and I have taught children how to paint for the past 5 years through local paint nights at $40 per child. I am now bringing it all online to you at a fraction of the cost! 

We are all busy and that is why I made all the videos available with lifetime access and 24/7 viewing! If you have a busy week, you aren’t going to miss out! The fun is there in our Facebook group or your email waiting for you whenever you want it – FOREVER! 

Each video will come with a template for the image! The Supply and Color list are given to you once you sign up! The best part, supplies don’t cost a fortune! 

 The KIDS SUMMER ART CAMP is the perfect activity for your kids this summer or parties!! Give them a creative outlet! 

I’m going to teach your kids step-by-step how to do each painting. They will have the ability to stop, pause or rewind anytime they need to with the pre-recorded videos!

Get them set up and let them create this summer!

Check out the details!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

JOIN NOW before it’s too late! 

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]!



It's all online for ages 5-14 !

What do I get ?

🎨 Exclusive Designs ONLY available through The Social Easel

🎨6 Weeks of full-length painting lessons 

🎨Private Facebook group for sharing the kids artwork and build a fun creative community 

🎨 24/7 Lifetime access to the paintings! 

🎨Templates, Color and Supply list included! 

🎨An art instructor with 5 years experience teaching your child step by step

All of this for only $147 or 2 payments of $73.50! 

Got Questions ?? I've got answers !

What supplies do I need ?

You do not need a ton of supplies to get started! This gives you a brief overview, but detailed supplies and colors will be given to you with your purchase and posted in the Facebook group!

  • Canvases – I use 11×14 
  • Brushes – A 10pc set is great!
  • Paints – An assortment of colors! As low as $.50 a piece!

About the artist

Hey! I’m Christie Hawkins, owner of The Social Easel. I am a lifelong artist that comes from a line of artists. It’s always been a part of my life and I feel like it is SO important for art to be a part of all children’s’ lives!  I have taught kids classes locally that have sold out time and time again for the past 5 years and I now I am bringing it online! I am so excited to take your children on this journey through art and creating! 



ALL tutorials are up and ready for you in our private facebook group!

Buy before time runs out!