Christie’s Inner Tribe: The End To End VIP Painting Experience

Join lifelong artist, Christie Hawkins, and learn tons of painting techniques to take your skills to the next level!

I help bring women joy and encouragement through acrylic painting online in my private community no matter what level you are at!

The Secret To Becoming A Better Painter… And Having More FUN

Our Membership Hub is loaded with tutorials for you to learn from! You have immediate access to all these videos the day your become a Tribe Sister!

Want to learn to paint, but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re new to painting or more advanced, you’ll get access to tons of tutorials for painters at any level.

  • You can’t draw a stick figure so how would you be able to paint?
  • You’ve failed at paintings you have tried on your own because you don’t know what brush techniques to use.
  • You are frustrated because you are doing it all alone with no support or encouragement and are left feeling deflated. 
  • You want to sell art or teach paint classes but are running out of ideas.

Want to join other people (just like you) on their painting journey, too?

Our community is full of like-minded friends, learning and growing together!
With my simple step-by-step instructions in my video tutorials you will leave all those old frustrations behind!

  • I help you tackle those limiting fears by breaking paintings down into small doable steps 
  • You will learn exactly what brushes and techniques to use to create art you are proud of
  • You will have me as your personal coach along with an amazing community of women just like you to encourage you and lift you up! 
  • You will have the right to sell your finished pieces or even teach paint parties in your local town using my designs 
Learn How to Paint The Social Easel Online Paint Studio Christie Hawkins

Meet Christie

Hi, I’m Christie Hawkins, the owner of The Social Easel and also the founder of Christie’s Inner Tribe! And I LOVE to paint and to teach others!!

I believe we all have a creative side to us. Sometimes we just need help pulling it out! That’s what I am here for! Over the past 6 years I have taught thousands of women just like you how to paint! Most of these women have never picked up a paintbrush before!  I’ve taken my years of experience with painting and developed an easy to follow system to teach you how to paint with no experience needed! I come from a line of artists in my family. My grandpa and mom were both painters as well! It’s ingrained in me and brings me so much joy! I’ve been painting since I was a child! Now I want to bring that joy to you! I believe God created us in His image. He is the original Creator. He has instilled a creative side in all of us, some of us just haven’t found it yet. My goal and purpose in life is to bring that out of you and help you find the joy in painting and what it can do for your life! 

  • Excited to learn how to paint with acrylics
  • May have little or no experience with painting
  • Anxious to learn painting basics & techniques
  • Encouraged by online community
  • Ready to learn advanced techniques
  • Knows basic brushstrokes 
  • Comfortable with color mixing
  • Engaged and supportive in online community
  • Eager to learn new painting methods
  • Mastering blending, shading & highlights
  • Growing more confident in their artwork
  • Helps mentor others in the group
  • Proud of their artwork
  • Continually learning new techniques
  • Might start creating their own original artwork
  • Gives artwork away as gifts or might want to sell
  • Can begin to teach others what they have learned

These Are The Exact Tools And Tutorials That Helped Hundreds Of Painters Be More Confident In Their Ability

…But don’t just take my word for it!

Perfect timing for retirement!

I am very thankful for finding this group and for having the opportunity to join. Perfect timing for retirement
After teaching for 25 years, I was needing something new and different to challenge me. It is good exercise for the brain!!
Retired Teacher

Every month I can’t wait to see what we are doing!

“I love the flexibility of painting when I have time and in the order I want to do them. I am learning new techniques and to let go of control and trust the process to make something fun! Every month I can’t wait to see what we are doing! She has given me so much confidence in myself as an artist. All I want to do is paint, paint, paint!!”
High School Science Teacher

Helped me find a talent I always wanted!

It has given me a place of rest and confidence and has helped me find a talent I had always wanted! My favorite thing about the Tribe community is the continued growth and encouragement I receive!


I had never even tried painting. 
Just before my 70th birthday, I found Christie. I have always been artistic and creative, but I had never even tried painting. I had no clue as to how to paint anything recognizable. From the very first lesson I was successful in painting a very pretty beach scene. I have gained knowledge about color, perspective, composition, and lighting. I now look at art with a more informed appreciation. I have now gotten my 9 year old grandson and his mama painting with Christie. I love the Tribe.”


It has taught me to have confidence in myself!
Being a part of Christie’s “Inner Tribe” has taught me so much more than techniques in painting. It has taught me to have confidence in myself and to share in the joys and love of painting with other tribe members. It is crazy to think that just a year ago, painting wasn’t even a thought of mine, and now it’s a full blown obsession and I am teaching classes! Thank you Christie for pulling out the inner artist in us all!”


I have found a special group unlike the others!
I have learned how to paint, techniques and how to use color. But more importantly I have found a special group unlike the others. The tribe inspires me, when I’m not sure of my work their encouragement just pushes me forward. Looking at my work in this photo makes me so happy. I am “Enjoying the journey “

Linda S.

Painting Tutorials

3 new painting tutorial each month with Christie

Guest Speaker

1 guest speaker each month (either an artist or business coach)


Amazing Inner Tribe community of women in our private Facebook group

Video Library

Unlimited access to the video library in our membership hub with over 45 tutorials to choose from

Painting Rights

Full Rights to teach any painting at local paint nights only (teaching online not permitted)


HUGE discounts on all boot camps Christie does outside the Inner Tribe


Bonuses and Freebies throughout the year


Contests within our group


Local Meetups with Inner Tribe members

You are going to get a hands-on experience learning to paint with me like no other! With a lifetime of experience painting I’ve been able to teach thousands of women just like you. I’ve created a personal teaching experience like no other built inside a community of amazing women who are all on their creative journey as well! I go live inside our Facebook group each week and I’m always there to answer your questions while we are painting or through your posts  in the group!

 Trust me, you do not want to wait! Never again will the current price include everything that you are getting today! This is the very last time that the inner tribe will be offered at $47 a month and include all the past tutorials from my membership! 

 The best part, you lock in this price! Regardless of how things will change in the future you are grandfathered in at the price you join us! And you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts.  But if you do, you will have to re-join at the then current price. Be sure to lock in this price because when we open doors again in March 2020 you will not get the same deal!

 i’ve watched this tribe change so many lives in so many ways! You were going to not only experience a heartfelt connection with your other tribe sisters but you will find the creativity inside of you that you never knew you had. You’re going to find confidence in yourself and in your artwork. You are going to discover a new love for painting and creating all while finding inner peace and stress relief!  

If you sign up monthly, each month on the same date your card will be charged $47 per month so you remain a current member of the Inner Tribe. Staying an active member allows you access to all materials both in the Facebook group and our Membership Hub. Each week for the first 3 weeks of the month Christie will teach a new painting inside the Facebook group. The last week will feature a guest artist or business coach. 

Don’t let that stop you! I’ve taught thousands of women just like you how to paint. No experience is needed. I teach all levels. 

Yes! For all local Paint Nights! As an active paying member in my Inner Tribe, I give you full rights to use my paintings to teach at your local paint classes. This is a great way for you to build your business using my paintings instead of having to come up with new material each month! Teaching of any of my material online is strictly prohibited and will result in you being removed from the group immediately. 

Not a problem at all! The best part of my membership is you have access to the videos 24/7! Go back and watch whenever you want! Stop, rewind, play. Take it at your own pace. There is no such thing as being behind in our group. Everyone is at a different place and working on different paintings!

This is where creatives like us are very fortunate! If you sell just one or two pieces of art a month from our membership, you have paid for it! If you host a paint night and have just a few paying friends, you’ve paid for it! I look at it this way…how bad do you want to learn how to paint and what could it do for your life? Would you benefit from the confidence you would gain in yourself? Would allowing yourself to take time to paint alleviate stress in your life? Art is therapy. Painting helps us in so many ways. What can you give up for less than $2 a day that would allow you to experience the peace that comes with painting and the fellowship of having friends just like you that you build community with?

Trust me, it will! Just read the stories of all the women in my group that thought the same thing! It is my desire and goal to help you pull out that inner artist that I know each one of us has! You can do this! 

Two things. 

#1 and the MOST important – COMMUNITY! You can take free lessons online from all kinds of sources. You can search Pinterest or YouTube for new ideas and inspiration, but here is what you are missing….Friendships. Our group of Tribe Sisters is something so special that I have never been a part of before. Painting on your own can be lonely and frustrating. Painting with women going through the same thought processes you are is something powerful. These ladies lift you up and encourage you every day. For many women, it is the reason they love Inner Tribe. They have friends all over the US now! It’s a beautiful thing to see the energy and love and joy inside our group! 

#2 – My teaching style. When you are watching videos online, can you reach out to that artist and ask them questions? Can you paint with them live and talk to them during the process. Do you have a place to post your artwork and get feedback or help with an area you are struggling with? In the Inner Tribe, you get all of that! I am a hands-on teacher and one of my favorite parts is talking to you while I am teaching you. I go into the group daily on weekdays and comment and help with anything you might be struggling with! You are not by yourself in this process. I am there to help you each step of the way! 

Never too old to learn new things! Becky W. was 70 years old before she ever painted a picture and is now one of my most active painters and loves what art has brought to her life! Her daughter and grandson are now even painting because she got started! 


What do you get?

Full Access Online Library

46 Full Painting Tutorials ($1750)

Unlimited access to my library of acrylic painting tutorials. Learn to paint on your own time!

16 Live Q & A's ($1,600)

The Q & A’s are a great resource that will allow you to get tips and tricks to help you get results faster

11 Technique Videos ($560)

Learn basic to advanced painting techniques up close and personal with a bird’s eye view. 

Bonus Video tutorials ($650)

Bonus videos that will give you more tips and tricks to better your skills

Templates ($450)

Templates allow you to achieve the look that you are after without having to free hand it all

Access to Christie's Inner Tribe (Priceless)

Connect with a group of like-minded people and grown your painting skills together. 

Total Value $5010

Monthly Content

3 Full Painting Tutorials ($111)

This will be 3 NEW painting tutorials with Christie each month released weekly the first 3 weeks of the month.

1 Guest Speaker or Artist( $100)

I have guest artists to teach you new art mediums as well as guest speakers to help guide you in business and growth! Private Community The BEST part! Our Tribe! This is our private Facebook community where you get to know other women just like you! Share photos, progress and big Wins!

Total Value $211