Paint easy and fun Fireworks Over Water with this full video tutorial. Sure to make an excellent activity with the kids or to paint yourself!

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Let's talk about painting surfaces. There are so many other surfaces that we could take our brushes to and bring a new life! Today I am going to share my 5 favorites surfaces to paint on and why I like them so much.

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II am frequently asked about color mixing acrylic paints. Sometimes when painting you want to use a specific color that isn’t in your stash. Maybe you even tried to mix it up but the color isn’t quite right and you don’t know why or how to fix it. In this guide, I will give you all my tips and tricks for color mixing and even share my video below!

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If you have been following The Social Easel at all you know I love to paint florals. I will add them to any painting! It’s finally May and I have a simple and fun spring floral painting tutorial for you! I want to show you how to draw and paint this a mason jar with spring flowers.

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