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Have you always wanted to learn how to paint but didn't know where to start? Here at The Social Easel, we have many options to choose from, no matter your level!

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Inside The Social Easel Painting of The Month Club, you will learn how to paint one new lesson each month! With Lifetime Access you can pause, rewind and take it at your own pace! 

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Painting Tutorials for Kids!

Step-by-Step Acrylic Painting Video Tutorial for Kids

Check out all my simple & fun art lessons and activities for kids,  perfect for everyone out there looking for something fun and creative to do!

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Learn painting tips, techniques, and check out all my latest projects!

Tribe is currently closed. Doors OPEN October 2nd! Save the Date!

Inside Christie's Inner Tribe you will learn exclusive NEW painting tutorials each month!

Join me, lifelong artist Christie Hawkins, and learn acrylic painting techniques to take your skills to the next level! This is my VIP Membership where Tribe Sisters get access to my NEWEST paintings each month in our private community! 

Discover an incredible private community overflowing with encouragement, sisterhood, faith, and joy.

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Hey, I'm Christie!

I’m the owner and founder of The Social Easel where I teach thousands of women every month how to paint. I have been an artist my entire life and love sharing my passion for painting with others.

I have been teaching women how to paint for the past 10 years! Most with little to no experience.

What started off as in-person paint nights in my local community has now turned into a worldwide online painting community!  I help thousands of ladies each month take their desire to paint and turn it into a reality!

I believe that God made us in His image and as the original creator, He instilled that same creativity in each one us! It is my passion and purpose to pull that out of each one of my students and bring joy and light to the world through painting! 

Learn How to Paint The Social Easel Online Paint Studio Christie Hawkins
Learn How to Paint The Social Easel Online Paint Studio Christie Hawkins